Top 5 Research AI Tools For Students and Professionals

Research AI tools are the new big thing on the internet. AI is slowly but surely taking over all aspects of life, and research is one of them. Research AI tools refer to a variety of software and technologies designed to assist researchers in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

These tools aim to streamline the research process, enhance productivity, and facilitate the development of innovative AI models and algorithms. Students and professionals are using these tools to lessen their burden and take some pressure off.

research ai tools

Here are the top 5 research AI tools that you should consider if you are looking for some tools for free.

Bit AI is a collaborative tool that enables live collaboration similar to Google Drive documents. It offers a platform where students and educators can collaborate on multimedia documents. In addition to supporting text and images, Bit AI provides a range of features.

Users can create diverse documents that incorporate various elements such as embedded videos, cloud files, music files, and more. The platform seamlessly integrates with popular services like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Spotify. Collaborators can engage in real-time chat while working together.

With the “workspaces” feature, educators can create virtual classrooms and invite students to join them. Interactive documents can be created using visual web links, presentations, videos, social media posts, surveys, attachments, and other resources.

Students can collaborate simultaneously on these documents. Teachers can assess assignments, leave comments, and provide individual feedback to students through Bit AI. It is one of the best research AI tools at the moment. offers researchers the convenience of automating their content using artificial intelligence. With Elink, researchers can effortlessly save web content, including article links, cloud files, videos, social media posts, and more.

To simplify bookmarking, Elink provides a Chrome extension. This feature makes it one of the best research AI tools. Researchers can add their own notes or voice recordings to enhance the title and description of the saved content. Elink also enables the creation and sharing of research links in the form of newsletters, all within an easy-to-use interface.

Elink finds utility among users who integrate it into various materials such as sales content, marketing documents, research papers, training manuals, reports, eBooks, lesson plans, and more. Whether the audience comprises colleagues, clients, partners, followers, or students, Elink ensures a lasting impression. is an advanced software powered by artificial intelligence that offers valuable insights to support effective decision-making. With its robust AI system, can monitor, analyze, and interpret vast amounts of data, enabling the platform to provide actionable insights for decision-making to various stakeholders, including governments, institutions, researchers, and funders.

The dedicated team of data scientists at continuously enhances the AI system using big data and data science techniques, aiming to enhance decision-making across different domains. Currently, the AI system serves as an intelligent research assistant, delivering comprehensive research intelligence.

Moreover, offers unique insights into global research trends, aiding in publication processes by leveraging big data. This is one of those research AI tools that also provides detailed analytics to optimize funding performance.

Above all, offers intelligent foresight regarding global public policy changes, empowering users with valuable information for strategic decision-making.

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GanttPRO is an advanced project management software that operates on the cloud, utilizing the Gantt Chart method to provide users with a seamless and intuitive approach to organizing and managing projects, tasks, and assignments. Its comprehensive set of tools empowers users to create limitless projects, subtasks, and assignments while maintaining a high level of customization and flexibility.

Designed to meet the needs of startups, businesses, and enterprises that heavily rely on collaboration, meticulous planning, and ambitious scheduling, GanttPRO offers an ideal solution. Users can effortlessly view their plans from multiple perspectives, including Gantt charts, grid views, board views, and portfolio views.

GanttPRO’s planning tools encompass a wide range of features, such as customizable columns, task dependencies, filters, milestones, project calendars, automatic scheduling, and task hierarchy.

The software also provides collaboration-ready functionalities to streamline task management, project coordination, team collaboration, resource allocation, and time management. These features make it one of the best research AI tools.

Semantic Scholar

Semantic Scholar, developed by the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, is an exceptional AI software designed for researchers. It serves as a valuable free tool specifically tailored for scholarly journals, aiming to enhance accessibility to the vast world of scientific literature and assist researchers in overcoming information overload.

At its core, Semantic Scholar provides a service that condenses research papers into a single line, addressing the challenge of navigating numerous titles and abstracts, particularly on small screens. Given that only a fraction of the three million scientific papers published each year are actually read, this initiative seeks to alleviate this issue.

Utilizing the power of AI, Semantic Scholar employs machine learning, natural language processing, and machine vision techniques to distill a paper into its essential elements and generate a new “abstract” version of the work.

This truly makes it one of the most unique research AI tools. This goes beyond traditional citation analysis by incorporating semantic analysis and extracting crucial figures, tables, entities, and publication venues from the papers.

Rabia Tanveer
Rabia Tanveer
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