Top 5 Tips to Use Prisma on Android

Hugely popular app Prisma is recreating the photo from scratch which has made everyone crazy. Over short period of time 400 million photos has been prismed. At long last, following quite a while of hold up, the tremendously anticipated photograph editor application that transforms photographs into work of art is currently available for Android. You can download Prisma from the Play Store and appreciate the magnificent craftsmanship for your photographs.

1. Use HDR mode using Prisma’s Built-in Camera:

Prisma’s implicit camera needs HDR, night mode, white equalization rectification and manual mode. Everything you can do with the Prisma’s camera is turning the blaze on or off. So utilize the HDR mode, apply a few channels and take a decent photograph to begin with.

2. Maximum Intensity Does Not Always Mean the Best:

After a channel is connected on Prisma, it’s connected with 100% intensity; however it’s not generally fundamental that the greatest power will be the best.

3. Remove the Watermark:

In any case, the watermark is too enormous as I would like to think, and on the off chance that you want to take a printout of the photographs, it won’t look great.prisma tips

4. Auto save All Your Creations:

The photographs saved to the Prisma folder on the phone when a channel connected effectively and you can tap on more than one prisma

5. Flavor Selfies with MSQRD and Other Such Apps:

As expected, most of the users will use the Prisma app to post selfies. You can add some special effects to these selfies by using 3rd party selfie apps like MSQRD to spice things up.

Prisma, an application that has pulled in 1 million day by day clients, is reevaluating the idea of separating photographs with innovation. While the idea of adding channels to photographs has been around for quite a long time, the Prisma iOS application is one of a kind in the way that it depends on a “mix of neural systems and Artificial Intelligence” to redo the picture.

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