Top Most Hand Bags Brands for Ladies

Hello to ladies! Not only dress collection and selection can complete your style I know because nowadays perfect matching bags are style statement for everyone. Ladies are very choosy and conscious in selecting a bag from massive variety. It all depend on their outing plan; as if they have planned to go for meet up or for dinner, or is it a party or wedding ceremony  so casual and fancy also sober and funky bags are carried accordingly. Before you go to shop a hand bag for yourself let me tell you top most hand bags brands available. So here we are listing top brands,


Chanel goes at top of the list, it is most favorite brand of all celebrities and stars. It is among top ten most expensive brands which was launched in 1909. It has a lot of variety in bags like clutches, camera bags, smart phone holder and much more.  Hand bags by Chanel comes in different colors, design and styles. It is durable and high quality bags.


Gucci is another big name, an Italian brand that designs stylish bags for fashion lovers. In 1921, Gucci initiated a small business which gradually setup a big influential fashion brand. It does not only make bags but also they have variety of shoes, apparel, perfumes and jewelry. It is admired all over the world. It has its own unique logo GG. Like Channel , you can find a big variety of different bags with mod and stylish designs.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is United States based brand of hand bags. It is among most favorite and famous brands in the world. All those women who are aware of brands must know about it. It has worldwide retail stores and sold in 80 above countries. It has high quality bags that are loved by ladies all over the world.


Italian brand, Fendi is famous for leather goods. It is expensive product although the quality is kept perfect always. It has other products too including shoe wear, eye wear, fragrances and a lot more.  The famous collection of Fendi is Peekabo and 2jours.


Prada, one more Italian brand comes in list which is well known all over the world, because of its high quality and glamorous designs. It never compromises on its quality that’s why it is also an expensive brand.

While you are buying a hand bag for yourself you should check out these brands first and I am quite sure you will love them.

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