Indus Motor Company (IMC) Increases Rates of Toyota Cars by Up To Rs.830000/-

New Prices of Toyota Cars with High Increment!!!

As we all know that the price of rupees is getting devalued against the US Dollar however, the price hike is proportional to Dollar appreciation in the local market. Therefore, here is a news for all the people who want to buy new Toyota Cars. They must check these details before buying any Toyota Cars. As the Indus Motor Company (IMC) increases the prices of Toyota Cars by up to Rs.830000/-. The current and new increases prices of all Toyota Cars are given in below. You can check all the prices with difference rates also in the below given comparison table. This price increment on the vehicles would be apply from July 1, 2019. So, must check these prices before visiting any Toyota showroom.

Toyota Cars

Increased Rates of Toyota Cars:

The Toyota IMC has increased the rates of its cars by up to PKR 830,000. Here are the current, new and difference rates of the below listed vehicles as:

Model Current Price New Price Difference
XLI MT 2109000 2499000 390000
XLI AT 2184000 2599000 415000
GLI MT 2364000 2749000 385000
GLI AT 2439000 2849000 410000
Altus 1.6 2674000 3149000 475000
Altus 1.8MT 3069000 3299000 230000
Altus 1.8 CVT 3205000 3449000 244000
Grande MT SR 3260000 3499000 239000
Grande CVT SR 3409000 3699000 290000
IMV I 4X2 STD 3074000 3449000 375000
IMV I 4X2 D/L 2819000 3159000 340000
IMV I 4X2 U/S 3104000 3479000 375000
IMV I 4X4 4329000 4849000 520000
IMV III DC STD 4719000 5249000 530000
REVO G MT 5009000 5599000 590000
REVO G AT 5239000 5899000 660000
REVO V AT 5559000 6249000 690000
FORTURNER 4X4 7819000 8649000 830000
FORTUENER 4X2 7299000 7999000 700000

United Motors also Increases the Price of United Bravo by Rs.45000/- in the start of this year.

Not only the Toyota Cars, but also Honda, Al-Haj FAW, Isuzu and Pak Suzuki have also increased the rates of their vehicles. Honda Atlas Car Limited also increases the car rates Rs.260000/- to Rs.425000/-. This increment would be apply from the July 1st, 2019. Moreover 17% sales tax, 5% FED on corolla models and 7.5% FED would be applied on fortune models (according to the finance bill 2019) from July 1, 2019.

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