Toyota Introduced Toyota Connect App| Offering Unmatched Convenience

Everything You Need To Know About Toyota Connect App…!

Toyota Pakistan introduced an excellent app named Toyota Connect App. It is the first connected car app for the users in Pakistan. Now the connected Services are just a touch away for all Toyota users. You can connect from anywhere and at any time to your car via this App. It is possible form only a Human Touch. You can perform multiple actions through this connected app by Toyota. You can share your location to anyone for your ease. The car location could also found by just clicking a button from this excellent App. The complete details and features are described here.

Details of Toyota Connect App

Toyota is providing you the unmatched convenience and complete peace of mind through Toyota Connect App. This app is providing the high quality features that let you monitor your car. You can monitor your car at any time from this app. The purpose of Toyota’s first connect app is to provide the unmatched convenience through high features. So that it become your ideal digital companion for a long time.

Key Features of Toyota Connect App

Toyota introducing Pakistan’s first connected car app for your cars. The key features of of this App are as follows:

Toyota Connect App

Score Report: It acts like your best friend and gives you all the details. A user-friendly interface offering data in a non-complex manner.

Share My Location: It’s difficult to keep an eye yourself but now you don’t need to worry you are covered via Toyota Connect App. You can share your cars location with others for your ease of mind

Alert Notifications: This app also warns you about everything. You can get notifications as follows:

  • For Ignition ON & OFF
  • Over speeding
  • Engine Idle
  • SOS
  • Service Due
  • Low Fuel
  • Door or Trunk Warning
  • Harsh Brake

Trip Details: your car monitoring is just away from a button click. Know where your car is just by the click of a button. To avoid missusage of your car & ensure safety for all those present in the car. Toyota Connect App offers trip by trip monitoring via a button

Find My Car: It is very easy now to find your car with Toyota Connect App. You can know your car’s location from anywhere at the touch of a button.

You can get Toyota Connect App from PlayStor easily. Just write its name on search bar and perform some button clicks from your mobile. Enjoy the safe and secure drive now through Toyota Connect App.

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