Toyota Yaris 2020 Launch in Pakistan to Be Accompanied by 6 Variants; Official Unveiling Could Happen by End of March

As you may have known before, there were reports detailing that Toyota Indus Motor Corporation or IMC would reportedly discontinue the Corolla Xli and Gli models and replace both with something potentially better. The Yaris 2020 is expected to be the worthy successor of the two, and it turns out that the upcoming car will be available in a total of six options. This means customers will have more choices to avail, assuming that this model falls in their budget.

Yaris 2020

The six variants are given as follows;

  • Yaris 1.3L GLi M/T
  • Yaris 1.3L GLi A/T
  • Yaris Altiv 1.3L M/T
  • Yaris Altiv 1.3L CVT
  • Yaris Altiv 1.5L M/T
  • Yaris Altiv 1.5L CVT

According to the details, there will be two Yaris 2020 1.5L variants, while the remaining four will be 1.3L ones. Rear drum brakes are expected to ship with all models, but it looks like the most premium version, the Yaris Altiv 1.5L CVT will be given special treatment in terms of features. What this means is that additions like the ‘push to start’ button, coupled with climate control, hill assist control, smart entry, and traction control will all be present in the most luxe version, assuming you’re able to pay up the premium that comes attached with owning such a car.

For the international market, the Toyota Yaris 2020 is an impressive piece of automobile engineering as it’s loaded with features. Multiple airbags plus a tachometer, a heating option on the front seats, paired with a satellite navigation system, much-needed high luminance headlights, and fog lamps at the rear end are all standard additions belonging to the model. Whether or not we’ll see these same features present in the local version, we don’t know as yet. What we do know is the fact that the Yaris should be available in both automatic and manual transmission, but that’s hardly a surprise at this point.

Expected Price of Toyota Yaris 2020 in Pakistan

According to sources that informed Pakwheels, the Yaris 2020 will officially launch in Pakistan on March 27, with its expected price starting from Rs. 2.4 million, or Rs. 24 lakhs. According to widespread criticism spread across social media, it looks like IMC might be cutting back on the overall features to bring that price down, and that’s sure to irritate a lot of potential customers.

If that happens, we’ll continue to update you on what’s present and not present with the new Yaris 2020, so stay tuned.

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