UBL Wiz Card – How to Get, Details, Charges

The UBL Wiz card is Pakistan’s first Prepaid Debit card ever, introduced by UBL (United Band Limited). This card offers ultimate convenience, security, and features, making it quite practical for daily usage. It is supposed to work everywhere locally and internationally, where Mastercards and VISA cards are accepted.

Details and Features

The UBL Wiz card is equipped with a lot of features to offer maximum convenience. Initially, this card can be operated nationwide with a lot of ease and convenience. Apart from UBL’s own 1200 ATMs in 86 cities, UBL is also a part of VISA/Mastercard networks, 1-Link and MNET, making it easy to operate this card throughout the world.

The UBL WIZ card is also extremely suitable for online shopping, considering the security and convenience it offers. If you’re using a regular UBL WIZ card, you’ll have to activate internet sessions however; if you’re a regular Internet shopper, you can obtain the UBL WIZ Internet card, which is highly suitable for online purchasing.

Apart from that, the UBL WIZ Card also lets you draw free-of-cost mini E-statements from UBL ATMs anytime, or you could schedule daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly e-statements for yourself.
This card also lets you pay your utility bills at UBL ATMs.

Charges and Fee Structure

The issuance fee and card replacement for the UBL WIZ card is pretty minimal at Rs.250/-

The fee of transferring funds through ATM is Rs.50 if within the UBL network and Rs.100 otherwise. Withdrawing cash from ATMs other than that of UBL would cost you an extra Rs.15/-

As far as online shopping is concerned for regular UBL WIZ cards: Online shopping activation costs nothing however activation of each online shopping session costs Rs.100/-

How to Obtain the UBL WIZ Card

Getting a UBL WIZ Card for yourself is pretty easy and everyone with a valid CNIC is eligible for it. To get one, you’ll have to visit the nearest UBL brand along with a copy of your CNIC and Job Proof/proof of business and a deposit amount of at least Rs.500

Card Limit

Maximum Balance: Rs.200,000/-

ATM Withdrawal Per Day: Rs.40,000/-

POS Usage Per Day: Rs.100,000/-

Internet Usage Per Day: Rs.100,000/-

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Rafay Khurram
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