Windows OS & iOS are more secure than Android devices: Nokia’s report

Nokia’s Threat Intelligence Report 2017 revealed that the Android devices are getting infected by malware more rapidly than the other operating systems. Nokia’s report unveiled that android devices are more at risk even more from Apple devices. Keeping in view the rapidly growing trend of Android Malware, Nokia has made this report.

The statistical analysis of report displayed that almost 68.50% infected devices are Android in the past year. Whereas 27.96% infected devices are of Windows and almost ratio of iOS Malware infected devices is 3.54%. Every month 0.94% Android devices were attacked with Malware during year 2017. Report stated that in past year 53% Android malware has been increased.

“The Android platform is the mostly highly targeted by cybercriminals. Google has done an excellent job with Google Play Protect and they’re really securing the app infrastructure for the Android devices. The main threat vector for Android phones is trojanized apps, said by Kevin McNamee director of Nokia’s Alcatel-Lucent Kindsight Security Labs.

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Nokia stated trojanized apps as the reason behind the problem faced by the smartphones. Nokia disclosed that trojanized apps often contains the malicious code. In report the names of the top 20 android apps were also mentioned which are affecting the smartphones.

The data for the analysis was gathered from the NetGuard by the Nokia. Whereas, Play store is still considered as one of the protected app stores than the third party app stores by Nokia. So android users can protect themselves from becoming the victim by downloading apps from official Play Store than third party play stores.

Report suggested users to be careful before disclosing their personal information to various apps. Many of the ad-funded apps of official play stores are having adware, which gives apps easy access to the personal information such as contact numbers and gallery of app down loader.

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Amna Ansar
Amna Ansar
Amna Ansar is a graduate in Psychology and has been professional content creator with over seven-years of experience. She has been engaged in providing high-quality content. Additionally, as a part of her education, she is a highly qualified psychologist who specializes in providing psychological therapies to keep the mind of people at peace.
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