University Student Makes Unique Smart Shoes For The Blind.

Shanza Munir, a young bright student of IT at Government College University Faisalabad, has developed unique smart shoes for the visually impaired people. These splendid minds are sure to save the future of the country’s and are certainly playing an important role in technological development.

Unique Smart Shoes

The shoes developed as apart of her university project, can note obstacle within 200 cm radius and inform the wearer with sound and vibration in real-time. Shanza hopes this project, which has become national news, will attract the right type of investors, allowing her to mass produce and sell them to those in need. Although the cost of this unique smart shoes is between Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000, however this expensive cost can be reduced if she can get professional materials and equipment.

Pakistan is no stranger to innovations like this one. Pakistani youth continues to battle has amaze the world with its innovation, creative, and newfound ideas. From robotic championship in Australia and China to the International global game jams, one thing’s that is Pakistan is filled with creative people that will amaze you.

Last Month, a Pakistani girl made it to LEXUS Design Award 2020 for her design of a sewing machine for the blind people. The machine allows those impoverished of slight to sew clothes easily. The government of Pakistan should support these talented peoples to help them increase their products and support local innovation.

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