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The university of central Punjab is one of the highly noted universities in Pakistan that has different branches spread all over the country. the university of Central Punjab that is also called UCP is located in Lahore and was established in 2002. It is a part of Punjab Group pf colleges that is operational everywhere for a long time.

In 1996, they started the operation of establishing a university in Lahore for which they asked from the Government of Pakistan. After getting signals, the work started and in 2002, the university was opened for everyone. Even after several years, it is one of the best universities in Pakistan.

University of Central Punjab Logo

The logo of this university is the same and is easily recognizable.

University of Central Punjab

The university runs on a motto of The centre of your future. They ensure to make the bright future of the student by giving them an excellent education. It is located opposite Shaukat Khanum Cancer hospital. From the campus to the library, it is enriched with every facility that a student requires.

University of Central Punjab Fee Structure

Each year there have been some minor changes in the fee structure. To talk about 2021, each department has a different fee structure. Let’s talk about each one of them in detail.

Faculty of Information Technology


If you are going to enrol yourself for BSCS that is for 4 years comprising 8 semesters, the admission fee for 2021 is 25000 while the fee per credit hour is 9,800. The total number of credits is 133. Hence, it is quite reasonable to get yourself enrolled for BSCS at the University of Central Punjab.


If you want an admission for MSCS that is for 2 years then you need to pay a 25000 admission fee. Whereas the fee per credit hour is 10,500 while the total number of credits is 30.


If you want to enrol in BSSE that is of 4 years comprising 8 semesters the admission fee is 25000 while the fee per credit is 8000. The total number of credits is 133.

PhD Computer Science

For a PhD, you need to pay a 25000 admission fee while the fee per credit is 7800. Hence, if you planning to do a PhD, get it done from the university of central Punjab.

Faculty of Management Studies


If you want to go on this side and want to enrol yourself for BBA, the admission fee is 25000 while the fee per credit hour is 9000. The total number of credit hours is 132.

BS Accounting and Finance

For BS Accounting and Finance, the admission fee is 25000 while the fee per credit hour is 6500.


If you want to do 2 years MBA then you have to give a 25000 admission fee while the fee per credit hour will be 10,500. On the other hand, if you want to enrol for 2 and a half years of MBA then the fee per credit hour is 9000.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

BS International Relations

For this degree, 25000 admission fee is required. Furthermore, the fee per credit hour is 5300.

M.phill International Relation

For the M.phill degree, the admission fee is the same while the fee per credit hour is 8700 and the total credit hours is 30.

Hence, this is a complete fee structure of different departments that the UCP has issued for 2021. If you want to get enrolled for any of the degrees, get it asap.

University of Central Punjab Admissions

The admissions process is simple and straightforward. If you want to apply for any of the above-mentioned programs, go to the main campus and get all the required information. Furthermore, they accept admissions twice a year so this is a great opportunity for those who have missed the admissions once.

Once you have got all the required information, fill the form according to your chosen program or degree. You can get the form from their official website i.e

You will soon get a call for the interview. After a few days, a merit list is displayed in University from where you can check your name. If your name is present, submit the admission fee and here you go with the admission.

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