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Best known for his acting skills and his undeniable friendship with Maya Ali; however, Wahaj Ali is more than just Maya Ali’s childhood best friend and a constant companion. Wahaj Ali is one of the biggest names in the Pakistani media for his fantastic acting skills and remarkable performances.

wahaj ali

He role to fame with a mega hit drama serial and since then he has focused on giving quality performances rather than just doing drama after drama with the same kind of character. From serious roles to comedy dramas, Wahaj is a versatile actor who can make any character his own.

Here is the complete biography of Wahaj Ali and with a closer look at his dramas, performances and his rose to fame.

Biography of Wahaj Ali


Wahaj Ali was born on 1st December, 1988 in Lahore, Punjab. He recently turned 33 years old and his star sign is Sagittarius. He was born and raised in Lahore; however, he frequently travels to Karachi and other destinations for his career as an actor and model.

He is 5 feet and 7 inches tall, which puts right in the middle on the height spectrum according to the Pakistani standards. Wahaj is known for his fitness level and his dedication to stay fit. Plus, his good looks have always made him the talk of town for his good looks. Plus, his acting skills have made him the biggest rising star of Pakistan.


Family and Parentage

Not much has been revealed about his family, he has never shied away from sharing information about his humble beginnings. He is an only child and the only person from his family to appear in the media and the big screen. His family still lives in Lahore, but they are very supportive of his career choice. His father is a Government Officer whereas his mother used to be a lecturer in Government Lecturer.


Wahaj Ali got his early education from Lahore. After that he went on to join University of Central Punjab and complete his BBA from there. He went on to join National College of Arts to complete his Masters in Multimedia Studies. After that, he started his career.


Wahaj Ali is married to the love of his life Sana Farooq. The couple met during the time Wahaj Ali was completing his internship at Samaa TV. The couple got married in 2016 and they have a daughter whom they named Amirah Wahaj Ali. Wahaj is best friends with Maya Ali and they have been friends since they have been children. In fact, they are very close friends with each other’s families as well.

Becoming an Actor

Wahaj Ali started his career in 2015 and rose to fame with his fantastic performances. He started his career with many leading and supporting roles. Since then, he has appeared in multiple dramas and he will soon appear in a movie too.

Year Title Channel
2015 Ishq Ibadat HUM TV
2016 Mera Dard Na Janay Koi HUM TV
2016 Wafa GEO
2016 Ahsas URDU 1
2017 Zoya Sawleha GEO
2017 Mere Dil Mere Musafir TV One
2017 Hari Hari Churiyan GEO
2018 Haiwan ARY Digital
2016 Mah-e-Tamaam HUM TV
2017 Dil Nawaz A Plus
2019 Bharam HUM TV
2019 Dil-e-Bereham A Plus
2020 Ehd-e-Wafa HUM TV
2020 Mera Maan Rakhna TV One
2020 Bikhray Moti ARY Digital
2021 Ghisi Piti Mohabbat ARY Digital
2021 Ishq Jalebi GEO
2021 Fitoor Geo
2021 Dil Na Umeed Toh Nahi TV One


Telefilms and Web Series

Year Teleflm Role Channel
2016 Bitiya Hamaray Zamanay Mein Fahad Geo TV
2020 Love Siyappa Shobi Geo TV
2019 Haqeeqat Asif A-Plus TV


Title Web Series
2020 Doodh Patti
2021 Digestive Showtime – Yorker


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