The WhatsApp Data Backup on Google Drive is Not Secure

WhatsApp Stated That The WhatsApp Data Backup on Google Drive is Not End to End Encrypted

Many of us are well aware of the famous chatting application, WhatsApp and its back up services. This allows one to restore all the information on WhatsApp which helps you to keep your data secure. Through this WhatsApp Data Backup feature, you can restore the following staff of the WhatsApp;

  • Images and GIFS
  • Videos
  • Messages
  • Voice Messages
  • Other Media of the WhatsApp
  • Contacts

But what if you come to know that your data is no longer safe on the google drive. Yes, it’s true that the data you store on google drive via WhatsApp is not saved now. There is no end to end encryption involved in this hence the backed up data can be accessed by anyone. Moreover, there is no check and balance of the data stored on the google drive and this can easily be hacked.  Hence, the data backup on google drive just keep your data stored not secure and it is an alarming condition.WhatsApp Data Backup

What WhatsApp Authorities Says:

When this issue raises over the social media, the WhatsApp authority also admits this WhatsApp Data Backup flaw. They have also mentioned this point on their website which indicates that WhatsApp has already informed us about the WhatsApp Data Backup Flaw. The stated that;

Important: Media and Messages while in Google Drive are not protected with WhatsApp End to End encryption.

This problem is only faced by Android users as they have logged in with their Google account and it automatically saves the data in google drive via google. However, one can protect their WhatsApp data just by turning off the WhatsApp Data Backup option of the google drive.

How to Turn off backup Setting:

If you don’t want to secure your data and don’t want to store it on your google drive, then you can turn off the set. Here is how you can do it.

  • First of all, oven the google drive app in your device.
  • Secondly, Tap the menu option and then tap the Backups button.
  • Now, you will see the option of the delete in front of Backup.
  • Here, you can Turn Off the backup set and your data will not save in the google drive.

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