WHO Reveals Startling Information About Corona Virus!


The world hasn’t seen the last of Corona Virus or COVID-19. As the world is slowly opening up once again, World Health Organization or WHO has given the world a startling warning. According to WHO, there is a lot more of this virus that we are going to see.

While most countries are finally finding some reprieve, the news by WHO is making them second guess their decision to end their quarantine and lock-downs. Some countries in the world are in the last stages of first phase of the deadly virus, but after this announcement, it seems like the worries of the world are yet to be soothed.

Announcement Made by WHO

According to the announcement made by WHO, the pandemic is going to be worse. Tedros Ahanom Ghebreyesus, Chief of WHO said, “The world is in a new and dangerous phase. Many people are understandably fed up with being at home… but the virus is still spreading fast.”

It is expected that a second and deadlier wave of corona virus a.k.a. COVID-19 is expected to hit the world. At the moment, the virus has already killed more than 454,000 people all over the world with more than 8.4 million infected cases.

Despite of timely and extreme measure taken, most countries in Asia, Europe and Americas are going to face the worse of the pandemic. While the lockdown has halted the spread of the virus partially, but it is expected to increase as more and more people come back to regular life.

Update on Corona Virus Vaccine


The vaccine for the virus is still far away. Many countries are trying their best to make the vaccines, the vaccine is still months away. Despite best efforts and many trials done, the researchers and scientists are stilling looking for a breakthrough.

Italian researchers are the closest to making any breakthrough when they found the genetic traces of SARS-CoV-2 in the samples of water waste. According to ISS, it helped them “understand the start of the circulation of the virus in Italy.” ISS also shared their worries that certain parts of Italy is going to be under another attack of the virus soon.

Smokers Beware!

According to research and results, smokers are at a greater risk of contacting the virus than other people. A medical researcher claimed that “Regular smoking damages the defense cells in the respiratory tract. SARS -COV-19 can travel without any resistance to the lungs for the deadliest form of the disease in such cases.”

Assistant Professor Immunology & Microbiology in Abbottabad university of Science and Technology, Dr. Ayub Jadoon said during a conference that nicotine, phenol, potassium cyanide and formaldehyde are going to exceptionally toxic to ciia.

“Cilia actually are the hair like substances present as projections of the surface cells in the respiratory tract. These surface cells have the ACE2 receptors for SARS COV 2. These cilia and the mucous do not allow the virus to bind to its receptors. If the virus binds to its receptors then it enters into the cells and even a single cell then produces hundreds if not thousands of these viruses” he added.

This can lead to a dangerous growth of the virus where inflammation is going to be a major concern. Another startling discovery made is the development of mucous in the respiratory system of the infected. Any threat to the immunity of the infected is a major cause for concern and it should be in the priority of the people to avoid any medical issue at any cost.

Corona Virus Cases in Pakistan

in pakistan

At the moment, Pakistan is the 14th country with the highest cases of corona virus. With 176,617 confirmed cases, 67,892 Pakistanis have successfully fought the virus while 3,501 have lost their lives to this deadly virus. Currently, Pakistan has 105,224 active cases. However, the numbers are expected to go down as parts of cities all over the country are going into lockdown.

But considering the frustration of the nation, the poverty and the mental exhaustion that comes with staying at home, most of the nation is not following SOPs. It is high time for Pakistanis to wake up as a nation and take a stance against this disease so that it stops once and for all.


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