Woman Finds a Man Hiding in a Trail Room of Gul Ahmed Ideas


Recently, there was an issue of capturing woman while changing in Levis trial room in Faisalabad. They hid the camera into the trail room which had been discovered by the girl and police charged the manager and the staff boy for that. Not only in Faisalabad but all over Pakistan we have found the number of issues like this. Now in the store of Gull Ahmed Ideas near Ocean Mall in Karachi woman finds the man hiding in the women trail room behind the cupboard.

The woman named Sasha Scheherzade shared the news and her personal experience on her Facebook explain that she visited the Ideas store in Karachi located near Ocean Mall, Do Talwar on Tuesday. While changing the dress she noticed the little movement behind the cupboard and was shocked to found out the man behind it.

Sasha said, “I went into the trial room on the basement ladies section to try out some dresses and found this attendant hiding in a cupboard inside the ladies changing room!!!!”. “Noticed the cupboard door moving which was reflected in the mirror as I was about to change and to my utter shock and disgust, saw this person hiding there in the small store place they have made INSIDE THE LADIES CHANGING ROOM!!!!” She said, “I called their staff present on the floor, everyone was a witness!!! The Manager of the outlet was called over, that chap stepped out of his hiding and was taken upstairs…”

She said that manager promised to fire the accused but they didn’t file any complaint against him. It previously happened in Levis store and now in Gull Ahmed Ideas, both are well known and expensive brands. People prefer brands due to the quality and security as well and now they are too not safe for a woman. The woman should themselves avoid changing in trial rooms and the government should act against them so the rest would also get conscious.

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