“Levis” Planted the Hidden Camera in Trail Room


Two accused got arrested for planting the hidden camera into the trail room of the well-known clothing brand store in Faisalabad. In the well-known brand “Levis” on Chen One road Faisalabad the police got the hidden camera into the box to capture women while changing dresses. Police arrested the Assistant manager and one other employee on to the conviction of this crime.

The name of Levis owner and Manager also included into the case but they are still not in custody. The police registered the case on accused under 509 and 352. However, this is not the first case in Pakistan you probably heard many of the cases before. There are bunches of videos on the internet being captured in dressing rooms. Meanwhile, people trusted the well-known brands but now they are also included in the same list.

Rather than getting viral on social media we should be careful and protect ourselves too. The girls should take precautions before changing into any trail room no matter how much famous the brand is.

How to Find Hidden Cameras – Precautions must be taken

  • Before entering to changing room check the signals of your cell phone and if it drops down then connect any call. If the call doesn’t connect that means there is the hidden camera in the changing room.
  • Always check the mirror before changing your dress. The two-way mirror is the mirror from your side and the see-through glass from the other side. When you place your finger point on to the regular mirror you will always find the gap while in a two-way mirror there is no space. So, check this trick and make yourself secure.
  • Another way to find out the two mirrors is to turn off the light of trail room and through your mobile torch observe carefully. You will find the observant room on the other side through the two-way mirror.
  • Whenever you enter to any trail room observe the room carefully the hidden camera mostly placed on top behind anything and make sure the nails they placed on doors or under clips should not be too big which might have the cameras in holes.

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