The World’s Smallest Mobile Phone is set to Launch in 2018


Since a couple of years, we all are experiencing smartphones with larger LCDs and bundle of features. By the time the size of mobile phones have been increasing and features too such as Galaxy Note 8 and much more which have larger display even more than 6 inches. These larger smartphones have been difficult to handle and carry sometimes but we still use them as we didn’t have any other option. However, now this issue has been resolved by the UK Company which introduced the world’s smallest mobile phone named as Tiny T1. The size of this new phone will not be more than your thumb, it probably seems like a toy but it actually works perfectly.

The world’s tiny mobile phone’s features:

  • 0.49-inch OLED display
  • weighing in at 13g
  • Screen resolution 64 x 12 pixels
  • Dimensions of the phone measures at 46.7mm x 21mm x 12mm
  • Nano-SIM card
  • Space for 300 phonebook contacts
  • support 50 SMS messages
  • 50 last calls
  • Lanyard attachment
  • Fully functional keyboard
  • Micro USB charging port

This tiny mobile phone is not like any android smartphone which has the bundle of features working in it. This is the basic cell phone which you can carry easily at your workplace and for those who just need to use a phone for making calls and messages. This smallest cell phone has been made by the entrepreneur Shazad Talib who commented about the T1 mobile phone, ‘’ I came up with the idea for it in about 2004, and I’ve had engineers working on it for years. It is actually very easy to use when it is placed on your finger. My next design will be a small smartphone. I have a lot of ideas.”

This new device will be on sale from the first month of 2018. It seems like a useful device which could be easily carried and perfect for those who find difficulty in handling the large smartphone at their workplaces. Shazad Talib also informed that he will launch the tiny smartphone as well.

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