Bohemia Tries to Awake People by Dedicating his New Rap “Gumrah” to Zainab


Not only in Pakistan, but the Zainab incident has shaken all the humanity no matter from which religion and country they are from. This issue is the issue of humanity and safety of all children and the territories don’t make any difference. Zainab, the girl with the age of 7 being kidnapped, raped and killed in a brutal way. This massacre happened on 4th of January 2018 and on this issue all Pakistanis got on to the road to get justice for Zainab and for other children too.

Meanwhile, many of the celebrities in Pakistan tried a lot to get justice and still working on it. The celebrities got on to the roads and went to courts for justice and by sharing their own stories from childhood. They are still trying to make people aware of their own style to educate their children about this reality and prepare them for every type of situation. They ask to add particular education to the syllabus of the children to let them aware.

Bohemia who is the famous Punjabi rap star from Pakistan, currently living in California has a huge fan following around the world. He recently launched his new rap named “Gumrah” (Astray) and dedicated this to Zainab and all children who ever suffer this brutality. By his rap, he tries to make people aware of what actually as a nation we are doing. Through his lyrics, he let his fans aware that we all are responsible for this incident. This new rap has become viral due to his tweet about Zainab.

These are the actions celebrities are making to awaken people in different ways and encourage them to raise voice against such brutality and inhumanity.

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