Zong Postpaid Packages 2021 Unlimited On-Net Calling, SMS, Internet


Are you looking for zong postpaid packages then you are at the right place. Now Zong offers awesome postpaid packages such as Z300, Z500, Z900 and Z1500 Postpaid. These Zong postpaid packages are really cool and comes with alot of free on-net calling minutes, off-net calling minutes as well as SMS and internet data. One of the best thing about these Zong postpaid packages are that two of the packages also enable its subscribers to get the facility of unlimited on-net calling absolutely free of charges.


Zong Postpaid Packages with Unlimited On-Net Calling

Zong postpaid customers also get up to 8GB of free internet by subscribing these Zong new postpaid packages. So here i am going to share all type of zong postpaid packages with you. In the below you will find all the neccessary information.

Zong Z300 Postpaid Package

Monthly Line Rent Rs. 300+tax
Minimum Security Deposit Rs. 600
Mins ( On-Net ) 500
Mins (Off-Net) 100
SMS 500
Mobile Internet 1000 (MB)


Zong Z500 Postpaid Package

Monthly Line Rent Rs. 500+tax
Minimum Security Deposit Rs. 1,000
Mins (On-Net) 1,500
Mins (Off-Net) 250
SMS 1,000
Mobile Internet 2,000 (MB)


Zong Z900 Postpaid Package

Monthly Line Rent Rs. 900+tax
Minimum Security Deposit Rs. 2,000
Mins (On-Net ) Unlimited
Mins (Off-Net ) 500
SMS 2,000
Mobile Internet 4,000 (MB)


Zong Z1500 Postpaid Package

Monthly Line Rent Rs. 1,500+tax
Minimum Security Deposit Rs. 3,000
Mins (On-Net) Unlimited
Mins (Off-Net ) 800
SMS 4,000
Mobile Internet 8,000 (MB)


These are the good packages in reasonable prices for zong postpaid customers. As you know that zong provide us 4G internet speed that is awesome as compared to the other networks. Also Zong coverage is good.

Monthly Subscription Fee (Rs.)  Free Group Minutes  Free SMS  Calling Rates/Min
RS. 35 170 Mins 50 ( Any network) 25 paisa
RS. 99 5000 Mins 0 25 paisa


Zong Postpaid Packages In Reasonable Prices Call, SMS, Internet

So these are the all details about zong postpaid packages. if you want useful info. just like this stay in touch with us we will share helpful info on daily basis. Thank You for visiting us.

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