​Problems Muslims are facing in USA

You surely have got a problem if your name is Osama and you are in USA. Now you might not be killed in a CIA operation but you will surely get bullied and ridiculed for having a name Osama, no matter how good you are. While there are many good people in the society, I won’t be wrong to say there are few bad ones too. 
Americans are known to blame Muslims and Islam for terrorism problem. Calling out Muslims who are US citizens Arabs and threatening them to leave and go to Arab countries is the new cool there. Some of the problems Muslims are facing in USA are discussed here.


Media and Hollywood films and TV series are the main reasons why hate against Muslims has suddenly caught fire. First thing channels like Fox news do is whenever a terrorist attack happens, blame Muslims without even verifying. American films are always showing soldiers going to Muslims countries and killing “terrorists” there for “democracy”.


Situation before 9/11 attack happened wasn’t that bad for Muslims. Since that attack happened, it seems like every Muslim in the world was responsible for that tragedy. Just the Muslim looks, a beard, earing Arab dress and you have to get yourself checked at airports for extra hours while rest of the people go through routine check-up.

Hate against Muslims

“I worry for my wife who wears a headscarf and my children when they are with her and I am not there to protect them.”

“I feel terrified for my two sons. Although all three of us were born and raised here I fear for our safety.”

“I don’t feel safe. I fear that if some could shoot me and my family and get away with it, they would.”

These are few responses that Dean Obeidallah, host of “The Dean Obeidallah Show”, received when he asked Muslim Americans how they feel living in US. You don’t need to say much about that, it is simply terrifying.

Thing is we should not judge people for what religion they follow but how good they are as human being, because humanity is the ultimate religion, Peace.

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