5 Places to Visit in Pakistan if you are coming from Abroad

Good to hear that you want to visit Pakistan, it’s not too often that we have visitors from abroad especially from western countries. Reason being that mostly in west, because of so-called media, Pakistan is synonym to “hard-core Islamists, country of subjugated women” and what not.

Anyways Pakistan is nothing like that it is a beautiful country with beautiful and hospitable people. These are 5 places to visit in Pakistan if you are coming from abroad such as Canada, UAE, America, England, Australia or from any part of the world.


There is a saying in Urdu in Pakistan which roughly translates as “if you haven’t been to Lahore you haven’t lived.” It is famous for many things and great food is one of them. Breakfast here is one thing that people travel from all over Pakistan to eat. Tourists’ spots include Shahi Qila and Baadshahi Mosque to name a few.

The Karakorum Highway:

Regarded as the 8th wonder in the world, this highway is truly an amazing work of engineering. It goes through beautiful mountains of Karakorum right towards China. It is located at a height of 5000 meters from sea level and is the highest road in the world. One of the most beautiful sceneries if you ask me.

In the 1960s, Pakistan and China embarked on a joint venture to build the Karakoram Highway, which would connect both countries and serve as an important commercial route between East Asia and South Asia.

The spectacular landscape is one of the Karakoram Highway’s most notable features. Travelers are rewarded with breathtaking panoramas of glaciers, snow-capped peaks, and deep canyons as it meanders through the Karakoram range. Famous landmarks along the way include the Passu Cones, the Hunza Valley, and the striking 2010 landslide-formed Attabad Lake.

However, the KKH is more than simply a scenic route; it serves as an essential lifeline for the outlying villages that it passes through. Thousands of people in the area have their quality of life and economic prospects improved since the route links formerly isolated communities to essential facilities like hospitals, schools, and marketplaces.

There are some obstacles to overcome while traveling on the Karakoram Highway. Especially in the winter, the route is vulnerable to avalanches, landslides, and other severe weather events. The high altitude and steep grades can make the journey tough, so passengers need to be well-prepared.

In spite of all these obstacles, the Karakoram Highway is still a must-visit for thrill seekers and explorers worldwide. Whether you’re going on a mountain road trip, hiking along old trade routes, or just taking in the breathtaking scenery, the KKH is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that everyone who walks its historic course will never forget.




Lake Saiful Malook:

Surrounded all over by Mountains Lake Saiful Malook is a peace of heaven God left for us on Earth. Stay the night at any hotel in Naran and start hike towards this lake in the morning it is surely one of the most amazing experiences.

Naltar valley:

Two things you need to know about this; World’s tastiest potatoes are cultivated here and it is home to many colourful lakes in the world. I will just say this; it is not possible to describe beauty of this place in words.

Deosai Plains:

One unique thing you would find about this place is that this place has a range of beautiful flowers of all hues and colours and not a single tree is found over an area of 3000 sq. km. It remains covered with snow for 8 months of the year.

These were just 5 places, there are hundreds of them that you can visit in Pakistan.

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