102 Not Out Teaser: Amitabh and Rishi Together Again After 27 Years


The directors and story writers have tried to portray the exceptional love of father and son in the upcoming Bollywood movie “102 Not Out”. We can see the father role played by Amitabh Bachchan at the age of 102 and Rishi Kapoor is playing the son role at the age of 75. These two legends came together after 27 years and will surely do a blast with their admirable performances.

The teaser they released shows the exceptional love of a father to his son no matter of what age he is. The father seems to be more fun loving and full of life while the son we can see roaming around, crying and doing yoga poses to relax. The 102 old father is playing saxophone and making pranks to his son which shows his childlike behaviors towards his son.

The writer portrays the generation gap in reverse mode; the father is behaving like a child while the son is acting opposite. The only teaser leaves the message of love and care of a father to his son at every age they try to make their children happy. Despite the story, if we talk about the chemistry of these two super actors that are just amazing. They dance in the rain in a way shows strong bonding.

However, this is the unique comeback project on which both actors are happy to work together after so many years. While talking to media Amitabh Bachchan said, “Teaming up with Chintu Ji (Rishi Kapoor) after so many successful historic films, has been the greatest joy. A novel story, competent direction and the most qualified crew, has made the experience of 102 Not Out even greater.”

He further said, “I know the country loves the younger, fresh and vibrant new generation, as must it should deservedly, but whoever said the ‘oldies’ are not capable to do the similar, we know if given a chance we shall not disappoint you either, that is as immodest as I can get. BADUMBAAAAAAAAA!”

The unusual comedy releases on May 4, 2018, so, wait for little more to enjoy this exceptional story.

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