WhatsApp let you Transfer Payments through UPI Support


Millions of people are using WhatsApp in the current time and regulating all their work through this one famous app which has all the important features to use. Now according to reports, the users will be able to transfer their payments through WhatsApp feature. The payment transfers will be regulated through UPI support on Android and iOS beta versions. This feature is currently working for some users as it didn’t work currently on a beta version of WhatsApp on Android phones but iOS.

However, iOS beta version v2.18.21 has the option of UPI payment transfer but Android running version v2.18.41 only showing this option to few users. This option is available in the attachment segment next to the documents, location and etc.

UPI stands for United Payments Interface and when the users tap on to the option it will show the list of banks to make the direct transfer from the bank account. To make the transaction the user needs to add account details and UPI pin. In few versions, the users are not able to add bank account because this feature is currently under completion as they have been working on UPI payments since last years.

Furthermore, Facebook owns WhatsApp and it successfully added the UPI payment in it messenger and currently working on Whatsapp to modify it so that it can work equally on all versions. Users can send money from messenger to peers and others easily by UPI support. While they need to wait little more till WhatsApp complete every step. This new feature of WhatsApp payments will be a blast for users, as millions are using WhatsApp for their business and find difficult to gather bank information and send from different apps. They will be able to get the information in the message and transfer the payment form the same platform easily.

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