12 Super Effective Tips For Stressed Women To Relax

Stress is inevitable. No matter what you do, however you plan your day or week, stress will always be there. But it’s especially poignant during uncertain times like these. With everyone’s usual routine interrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of us might need some quick stress relief more than the normal times. Be it work from home situation or a not-so-silent toddler; things can get overwhelming. (Been there, felt that!)

This chronic stress is not very kind to our body and can make us sluggish and fatigued. Feeling exhausted can cause many harms to our body. It can cause hair fall and even lead to nervous breakdowns. Plus, it won’t be wrong if we say women bear more day-to-day stress than men.

There can be many ways to reduce your stress. If you think you need expert advice and a medicinal solution, you can always talk to a healthcare expert at emeds. Here we have sorted some handy tips for the ladies to keep the stress down, whether working at home or in the office.

1. Keep Your Focus On Things You Can Control

According to specialists, the first thing that might help you relax is focusing on the things you can control. Engage yourself in the things happening in the present and what you can control right now rather than wasting energy on the things that will happen in the future. This practice will help you have control over your strong emotions.

Moreover, you can opt for apps that will help you focus, such as meditation. This will help you move forward in your day with a more focused approach to everything.

2. Be Positive About Your Current Situation

If the stress you’re experiencing is COVID-19 quarantine related, try and keep your focus away from the happenings and how you perceive your current situation.

Keep yourself “distanced” from all the unwanted information while going through social media or while in conversation with anyone.

3. Try Some Breathing Exercises

Practising breathing exercises and meditation are the high priority task you should be doing when you are stressed. Try deep breathing as it is a quick and easy way to deal with your in-the-moment stress. Moreover, it can also help tune the chemistry between your body and mind.

There are literally hundreds of breathing techniques you can choose from. The most recommended one amongst them is the 4-7-8 breathing method. Before you decide to begin, exhale all the air out of your lungs, take a deep breath gradually while counting till four.

Once you have inhaled at the count of four, sit still, hold your breath and count till seven and then, slowly start exhaling while counting eight.

The minimum recommended number of this exercise is four to six times.

4. Get Your Furbaby To Snuggle

Stress also goes away if you pray, go for a run if you like running, or do anything you might like. The point is to opt for the activities you love doing and take your attention away from the stress you are experiencing. It will prove to be a relaxing and stress-relieving activity.

Moreover, the best thing that helps me is grab my furbaby and snuggle with her for a while. Being a hyperactive cat, sniggling does not last for long, but it feels amazing to play with her. Book reading, knitting or painting also proves to be a help for many.

5. Take Some Time Off And Relax

Destination vacations are not the only escape you should look for. Actual vacation is not a good option during the COVID-19 pandemic, but you can at least take some time off and relax. Maintain a proper schedule which will also help you get some time spare for yourself. Maintain a sell-care routine which is also essential for a mental break.

Moreover, cut out on all the extra time you are giving to work during work from home. Go on, grab some essential oils and pamper yourself.

6. Look Out For Some Activities That Can Make You Laugh

Have you realised when the last time you laughed appropriately was? Getting yourself a good source to laugh can help you stress a little less than usual.

According to research, some people often keep holding stress that starts affecting their health, so it is imperative to take time and interact with your loved ones. Facetime them or play virtual games during the time of physical distancing. This will help you to get rid of those not-so-positive thoughts and the isolating feeling.

7. Restart Activities That You Once Loved

COVID-19 lockdown is the best time to revive all those activities that you once loved doing. Sew, paint, sketch, organise your closet and do any other thing that makes you happy. The process of doing what you love can be therapeutic, specific tasks like knitting, cross-stitching and painting.

8. Turn On Some Music

Many people find listening to music therapeutic. They use it as a source to escape from the stressful daily routine. Music is the medium that is used to express happiness, sorrow or even anger. So, it makes sense if you are using music to chill through all those stressful hours of life.

9. Avoid The Negative Thoughts

It is always easier said than done. Be it telling someone to stop worrying, crying or panicking, it never helps. Practising positive self-talk and telling yourself, “I can make it through this”, can be of a lot more help than we think it is.

10. Snag 15 Minutes For Your Self Everyday

While dealing with coworkers, friends, partner, and kids, you must take time out for yourself every day as well. Plan to set aside 15 to 20 minutes of your “me-time” as a priority and do whatever you feel like doing. Maybe just sit in your car and breathe deeply, listen to music or go for a drive and get a cup of coffee. Do anything that will help you relax.

11. Help Others

It is always a good thing to be a helping hand, and it can be very therapeutic at times. Also, it keeps you from stressing out all the time. Helping people in their worst can sometimes be all that you ever wanted to do.

If possible, getting groceries for those who cannot afford them or an encouraging message to your friend in distress.

12. If You Do Not Feel Comfortable, Leave The Party

Social situations can be stressful sometimes. If you feel like it, it’s better to leave that uncomfortable situation. It is very okay to opt for small, intimate gatherings with friends.

Make your health and mental peace your top priority. If you are not taking care of yourself, no one will do that for you. Keep yourself healthy to go through the limited, robotic routine we all are experiencing during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Stay Happy and Healthy!

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