Top 5 Best Cosmetics Brands in Pakistan for All Time


All About Best Cosmetics Brands of Pakistan- Full Details

The cosmetic products are considered more essential for everyday life for everyone. All men and women use these products for showing more elegant and stylish by using the best Cosmetics Brands. There are many Cosmetics Brands in Pakistan that have best-selling records in Pakistan with best quality, class and popularity. Beauty care products make your look more graceful by using these products. The products are lipsticks, fragrances, antiperspirants, excellence creams, hair splashes, eye shades, foundations etc.

Top 5 Best Cosmetics Brands Details

There are a lot of Cosmetics Brands in Pakistan of good quality and give best results. The top 5 best Cosmetics Brands are described below as:

1. Mac

Mac is the world’s leading professional makeup brand due to its unrivalled expertise in makeup ARTISTRY. Mac is a proud community of professional makeup artists established by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo. It provides the incredible accumulation of beauty care products in Pakistan. Mac results are of good quality for its diverse clients keeping in view the needs of all classes.

2. Maybelline

Maybelline is another the best beautifying cosmetic brand available in Pakistan. The results of this brand are highly prominent. For especially ladies while they were getting prepared for any function they like to use this brand. These items help them to look pretty for long lasting time. The popular products of Maybelline are face foundations, decent line of concealers, lipsticks, nail paints, Eye shades etc.

3. L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Group is also one of the best nonessential brands available in Pakistan. This brand started its business from hair products first and extended its viewpoint after the passage of time. It is most popular Cosmetic Brand popular in hair products and as well as in other items also. It’s Infallible Foundation, Paradise Mascara, face masks and the best hair colors and shampoos are most popular items among all other products by L’Oreal.

4. Luscious Cosmetics

Luscious Cosmetics is a local makeup brand in Pakistan cosmetics industry. Luscious has also entered the international market competing against many other makeup brands. Meherbano Sethi used the recent trend of contouring and developed a contour kit for ladies with a versatile style. The brand’s blushes, shimmers, and foundations are well-liked by the Pakistani women mostly. The skin tones and foundations are mostly marketed in Pakistan.

5. Essence

One of the most economical makeup brands available in Pakistan is Essence. Essence has the large variety of products as skin tones. It is also a not comparable luxury brand in Pakistan with reasonable prices of its products. This brand is easily available at stores and through online makeup shopping in Pakistan.

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