These 3 Pakistani Youngster Make Us Proud in Queen Young Leader Award UK

Three Pakistanis Honored with Queen Young Leader Award in the UK | By Queen Elizabeth

Pakistan has so much talent and potential to discover the world.  Frequently we listen to many news about the achievement of our youngsters are not only on the national level but on international too. Recently a daughter of Pakistan, 17 years old girl won an award in the UK as teenager young leader. Now another girl along with two sons of soil make us proud. They have won Queen Young Leader Award in the UK. They have presented this award to honor their services and social works. Queen Elizabeth II awarded all the winners. She praised the role of these youngsters toward their community.

The Celebrities of the Event:

Many famous celebrities participated in this event and praise the efforts of the youngsters. The famous and most noticeable personalities were;

  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Prince Harry
  • Princes Meghan Markel
  • David Beckham
  • John Major (Former Prime Minister)

Why are they Awarded?

No doubt, these youngsters are fine human beings as well as they are also good social workers.

Mahnoor Syed: is awarded this award because she performed the following duties toward society’s betterment.

  • She started a campaign in Pakistan named “Spread the World” and it has more than 300 Volunteers all around the world.
  • Partnered with 7 schools and held extra curriculum workshops in those schools.
  • She spoke on major and bold issues such as; bullying, mental and physical health and child abuse.
  • She also joined “Khawajasira Support” for collecting the funds for transgenders.

Haroon Yasin, an award-winning boy, perform the following duties in society;

  • He picked the children from the unprivileged background and provide the education.
  • Moreover, he used digital means to teach the children and introduce them with the national curriculum.

Hassan Mujtaba Zaidi: is the third award winner and provide the following services;

  • He uses art to make the education system toward betterment. He held national art competition which creates collaboration between unprivileged and privileged background students.

Prince Harry and Meghan’s Greeting:

They both greet the award-winning candidates and called them “Future Leaders”. He advised them that they have to do better things for society as they are future leaders. They have to improve the life of valuable people in their community.

Other Rewards:

They are not only awarded medals and greetings but they are also given one week stay in the UK. They will get proper mentoring, networking and training this week.

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