PTA’s Claim, 3G/4G Users Have Reached To An All New Height


In November, the total number of smart phone users has increase up-to 164.027 Million. In October census, an increase of around 1.047 million users was notice, which mean the total number was 162.98 Million in one month. The 3G and 4G users were recorded to reach 74.33 million whereas the users recorded for October were 73.26 Million.

3G And 4G Users

PTA show the user stats about the number of users that are registered to different mobile phone operators:


The Zong 3G subscribers had decreased from 7.751 to 7.633 Million users, recording a total decrease of 0.208 million users. But, the 4G users has increased from 14.221 Million to 14.702 Million. The census were recorded in the month of October and November.


Between October and November, the users of 3G networks have reduced from 8.032 to 7.935 Million users. But, 4G users has increased from 8.052 million to 8.432 Million.


The total number of users for 3G Jazz internet is 12.047 Million. For the month of October, the number of user recorded is 12.555 Million. Hence a total decrease of 0.208 Million users is seen for jazz operator.


The number of users in October was 6.695 Million whereas in November the total number of users were recorded was 6.454 Million. Beside that, an increase in 4G users was recorded for instance, 2.430 Million users were using 4G Ufone internet service in October whereas almost 2.628 Million users used the service in November.

Complaints And Teledensity

PTA collect total 6,986 complaints from different users. The complaints were filed for telecom operators such as, Cellular phone operators, PTCL, WLL operators, ISPs and LDIs. Complaints of 26.35% were filed against the largest cellular operator, e.g. Telenor, Zong with a 1,047 or 17.50% complaint rate, and Ufone had 865 complaints.

In November, the teledensity of smart phones has expand up to 77% however the broadband users have reached 76.38 Million.

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