Government Officially Launching The “Ehsaas” App To Provide Awareness Regarding The Beneficiary Facility


Sania Nishtar Prime Minister’s advisory on Social Protection and Poverty Alleviation, revealed the news that all the information about the given facilities and programs for the citizen will provided by the App under the pool of Ehsaas program”. Reducing inequalities, invest in people, and uplift the lagging districts is the main aim for developing the Ehsaas app. Platform of Ehsaas will also offered job opportunities to the wealthy struck Pakistani community.

She also said that this program is the mixture of major initiative, the aim of this programme is to work for the welfare of elderly, overseas citizens, laborers , widows, farmers, students, residents of blighted area and more others for better lifestyle. She further said to eliminate illegal withdrawals and find theft the Ehsaas digital Mechanism will be noticed by a Bio metric system.

Ehsaas App

The app will provide help to all citizens living in all over Pakistan. Dr. Nishtar said that she will communicate with the affluent struck population will the help of app. The government of Pakistan is working hard to digitize Pakistan for future to maintained better check-and-balance. That’s why the by the app, multi-sectoral social welfare tasks are also going to occur.

Nishtar had revealed an increase in quarterly cash grant for 4.4 million beneficiaries in December 2019. The 0.82 million that do not deserve beneficiaries were then delisted, the increased stiffened will only be given to the deserving people. Shahzad Akbar, the Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Accountability addressed a press conference with regard to the app and express that estimated Rs 192 billion to be spent on this program.

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