You Must know these 5 Iconic Fashion Designers of Pakistan

Pakistan is not an old-fashioned country anymore and people of Pakistan are no more clad in burqahs and typical shalwars (trousers). People of Pakistan have come out of phobia of women empowerment and complexes of being judges on scale of religious limitations, after facing dilemma of orthodox society for a long time. Now Pakistan is rich and fashion and style creations with the unique vibrant colors and exquisite modified versions of traditional dresses and jewelry. Fashion Industry of Pakistan has evolved greatly to accommodate all categories of Pakistani culture and social classes. As fashion is no more bound to elite, but it’s growing specifically to meet the demand for affordable fashion and styling for all classes in Pakistan.

Fashion Industry of Pakistan has attained a remarkable growth through the honest hard work and contribution of mainstream designers. To narrow the list of best and iconic designers of Pakistan is a bit difficult, but we are presenting you Top 5 Iconic Fashion Designers of Pakistan, who have achieved a prestigious place in Fashion World.

5- Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY)

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin is the celebrated fashion designer of Pakistan. It won’t be justice to his name, if he is not mentioned in Top 5 Iconic Fashion Designers of Pakistan. He started his career in fashion world as a fashion choreographer in 1994 and he has worked all across the world with positive enthusiasm including Dubai, London, New York city and Toronto. This hardworking and talented fashion designer was included in the book 100 Pakistanis: The Famous & Influential in 2014. He is famous for his enchanting seasonal arrivals and formal wears within Pakistan and even in other countries.

4- Maria B

Maira B is one of the leading fashion personalities of Pakistan Fashion World, who has proved herself with perfect classy, casual and trendy dresses. Her label is the most trusted designer brand among modern ladies. No one would have expected that this Kashimiri born could be the most demanding fashion designer of Pakistan. Her mission is to provide formal, semi-formal and casual wear to modern women and prove herself as the best trend setter every year.

3- Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz is the real brand which sells like hot cakes in the market. The fashion loving girls and women adores these two talented designers of Pakistan. A joint collaboration of two incredible fashion designers is serving fashion business for almost 25 years. Among their bridal wears and formal dresses, the lawn is highly demanded asset in Pakistani markets and abroad too. The vibrant colors and superlative embroidery and prints of lawn have impressed the women more than any other brand ever.

2- Umer Sayeed

Umar Syeed is counted as the biggest name in glamour and fashion world of Pakistan. He is an exceptional fashion designer of Pakistan. He’s been in business of fashion from past three decades. He’s successfully designing the unique and antique bridal collection and Men’s wear (formal jackets) by mixing eastern and western influences to originate a universal look! He is known for his refined quality and intricate minute details in design, stitching and final production of outstanding clothes.

1-Deepak Perwani

Deepak Perwani is the prominent figure of Hindu Sindhi community in Pakistan. He has earned a respectable reputation of iconic designer with most elegant and amazing clothes. He is literally an expensive designer of Pakistan. His collection of bridal dresses is counted as the Top Rated Collections every year. He truly understands the epic formula to set a trend with his breathtaking expensive and dazzling bridal wears and men’s formal clothes. Deepak Perwani is acclaiming his label and outlets of bridal collection in Pakistan and international borders with formidable passion.

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