Try these Fitness Apps Today: Staying Healthy is not a Big Deal


You always promise yourself to leave oily, fatty and fried food from your life. You want to forget those meals which really affect your health but the promise ends very shortly and the time of regret repeats over and over. Things go fairly against your own made rules of fitness. Do you need a check and balance for diet and exercise? Still worried about how to stay healthy? Then your android phone can help you in this matter just by installing best fitness app. The apps now entail astonishing features. Here comes the list of top five best fitness applications.

  1. RunKeeper (Stick to Running Habit)

Run Keeper
Run Keeper

Run keeper can give you a facility to count running pace through GPS. It is simply a run tracking app. It tracks your walk, run and shows your progress. This most popular app stay you stick to your running habit.

  1. Argus App (Stay Healthy)

Argus Fitness App
Argus Fitness App

This app monitors your all day activities including heart rate, sleep, calories burnt and intake also more than that. You can keep yourself updated about daily activities. It has interesting feature of planning your own self challenges to follow.

  1. Nike Training Club (Work Out Plans For All)

    Nike Training Club
    Nike Training Club App


This app offers daily 30 – 45 minutes workout plans for maintaining health. It has a facility of guide and suggestions regarding your health issues. Visual aids that mean videos and photos can become helpful In learning exercise moves.

  1. Fitness Builder (Utilize Gym Time Adequately)

Fitness Builder
Fitness Builder

For managing a gym time this app can stands out as mentor. It has work out plans to optimize your time. It contains a bulk of training videos which you can use as guide moreover these written suggestion can become handy just after printing out.

  1. Work out Trainer (Complete Guide)

Work Out Trainer App


While before adopting a work out plan you must need a guide which one will go best for your body. So, this app has this benefit that before choosing a plan you will get complete guide with suggestions for your body. You have option to share your work out plan online within your circle at Facebook, twitter and emails.


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