5 Indoor Sports activities in the Organizations


Business practices are changing rapidly these days. With the passage of time, several changing have been seen in the business world such as shifting business setups from offline to online and integration of cloud based technology in the businesses.

Just like these modifications, today businesses are more focusing on emotional intelligence. Previously, it was considered that Intelligent quotient (IQ) is the important thing in the organizations and it should be paid high attention. While the emotional intelligence is a social aspect and it should set aside form the organizational life.

But these days, social researches have proved that emotional intelligence is also highly important for the organizations because it helps the employees to stay happy at workplace. Emotional intelligence basically focused on emotions management.

If employees have emotions, then it means emotions come from social activities which should be promoted and arranged at the organizational level. Arranging these types of social activities not only build trust in the employees but also helps them to manage their emotions at workplace.

To make employees happy, organizations are conducting wonderful sports activities these days. Without further ado, I’m going to share some indoor sports activities which should be promoted in the companies.

1# Chess Competition

Chess is an excellent mind game and it has been used from centuries. It is considered that chess is mostly played by political persons and army personals. Basically, playing this game help the players to build and learn “how to make strategy and attack opponent”.

You can also start this game in your organization to help your employees to increase mental abilities. For winners, you can announce gifts and rewards.

2# Table Tennis

It is another good indoor game. You not need to arrange large space for it. If you have any cafeteria area, you can place your table tennis equipment there and let your employees to play.

You can also start a competition among the employees. This game will definitely help your employees to stay active and physically fit.

3# Computer Networking Games

People love to play computer games. If your business is related to information and technology or running a software house, then starting a computer networking game is a fantastic idea to utilize your own resources. It will help your sub ordinates and resources to know how to work in teams and how to become a good team player while playing. Additionally, they will also enjoy fun at workplace.

4# Card Games

Card games are best option for indoor games. All you need is to get several card boxes and distribute in the employees. Whenever they get free time they can play this indoor game to relax themselves.

5# Indoor Basketball

Everyone has its own taste. Some loves to play mind games while some loves to play games in which physical activity and moment is involved.

Just like that, indoor basketball is another good game for employees. You can dedicate your workplace space to basketball then it will help your employees to play this amazing game in free time and they will definitely enjoy it along with their casual 9-5 work.

Final thoughts,

Arranging indoor sports activities will not only create healthy and cooperative environment at workplace but also keep your employees fresh, physically and emotionally stable. For instance, if you are running a small business then arranging such activities is quite difficult because small businesses usually have congested places while indoor sports need some extra space for such activities.

Alternatively, you can arrange other team building activities or even a good get together where you can display sports matches. For example, if most of your employees love boxing then arranging get together for watching live boxing match i.e. Mayweather Vs McGregor will be a great option. Your employees will definitely love to watch that match and spend happy moments with each other.

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Adil is a Marketing Manager at AWSOL, a leading Web Designing company in Lahore. He loves to share thoughts on SEO, IT and business.

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