Best Internet Service Providers in Pakistan

I’m sure all of you would have cursed your Internet Service providers due to dead/slow internet at least once in your lifetime. If you’re tried and frustrated of your slow/dead internet too and you’re looking to switch to some other Internet Service Provider, here’s a list about the best ISPs in Pakistan.


Yes, PTCL is the best option currently available to Pakistanis. With all the brutal criticism and trolls targeted towards PTCL, we’ve got to accept that we somehow manage to exaggerate their flaws and PTCL isn’t that bad after all.

Not only is PTCL Pakistan’s largest ISP, but the most versatile one as well. It offers a variety of packages to suit your requirements. With speeds ranging from 1Mbps to 100Mbps and packages with limited and unlimited data, PTCL has got something for everyone. It has also got the largest coverage area throughout the country.
Overall, PTCL tops the list due to their extensive coverage, reasonable packages and low installation services while the internet speeds and customer services are surely a letdown.


As per user reviews, StormFiber is, by far, the most reliable, reasonable and fastest Internet Service Provider in Pakistan. StormFiber is a considerably new ISP however, the Internet experience they provide is significantly better compared to its alternatives. They’ve got extremely reasonable packages with high internet speeds.
StormFiber is quite reliable too as their Internet barely goes dead and the consumers receive good speeds throughout the year.
Even with a flawless browsing experience, high customer satisfaction and significantly better customer service, we could only manage to fit it on the second spot due to its extremely limited coverage and high installation costs.
Currently, StormFiber is only available in Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad, that too for limited locations.


Nayatel is another ISP that has expanded in recent times. It provides a comparatively better Internet experience and better Internet Speeds than PTCL. Nayatel also offers telephone service and HD cable TV along with their internet services.
While Nayatel is surely a considerable option due to better internet speeds, better overall experience and more responsive customer service, their prices, limited coverage and high installation costs must be considered as well.


FiberLink is also amongst the top ISPs in Pakistan. Overall, it provides a fine Internet experience with significantly higher Internet speeds, at reasonable prices. FiberLink can be a good option for those desiring a smooth internet connection. The packages they’re offering pack high speeds at reasonable prices and their installation charges are comparatively low too. However, there are some serious setbacks. Initially, their coverage is extremely limited and their customer services are usually lousy. Moreover, the installation process of Fiberlink is not quite efficient and would take a lot of time.


Nevertheless, choosing an ISP for yourself is completely up to you and the above mentioned are only the best choices.

Rafay Khurram
Rafay Khurram
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