5 Simple and Easy tips to protect Hairs in Summer


Summer heat is annoying you we know because it is affecting your skin and hairs both. It is everyone’s main area of concern nowadays to manage hairs and protect them from heat. What will be easy and simple ways to protect hair from heat during this hot summer season that is frequently asked question. So we have decided to give you 5 simple handy tricks for your hair care in summer.

These simple ways will surely help you out because we have jot down these points in the light of hair expert advices.

  1. Do not Wash Hairs Frequently

As we all feel increase in production of oil on scalp during summer. We sweat more that makes oily scalp which consequently gives a greasy and oily texture to hair. We frequently feel a need of hair wash and thus people wash hairs more often. But it is not good for hairs because more wash incites production of oil. It should not be washed frequently rather try cotton ball in your hairs to absorb excess oil.

  1. Avoid direct contact with sunlight

It is better to cover your head once you come out and having a direct contact with sun rays, because sun rays damage your hairs badly. If you cover your head with cap or scarf that will maintain scalp moisture as well and protect from dangerous ultra violet rays of sun.

  1. Try Gentle Hair Styles

During whole summer season, try to make loose braids and gentle hair styles. Instead of tightly tie hairs upward, you can make messy braids and pony tails.

  1. Give Oil Massage regularly

Use coconut or olive oil for massaging your hairs in this season. For giving a good care it is important to massage your hairs properly. Proper way for massaging hairs is start from roots to end with a gentle rub. Use good conditioner after wash that will give your hairs good moisture but not greasy look.

  1. Prefer Wide Comb

Rather than using hair brush, use wide tooth comb for your hairs protection. Comb is more gentle and easy for your hairs especially when they are wet. When your hairs are greasy and oily because of more sweating do not try brush in your hairs because it will pull and break them. It will damage and harm your hairs.

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