5 Top-Rated Pakistani Dramas in 2018 So Far


Second month of the 2018 is about to end in a week, and we already have a handy list of 5 Top-Rated Pakistani Dramas In 2018, which have been proved sellouts from day one of their appearance on our TV screens. From the past decade, the TV industry is raging the box office of entertainment sector of our country. All thanks to government, which allowed private TV channels to contribute their major share in entertainment industry and telecast thought-provoking stories of drama, romance, crime and social awareness on our screens.

Considering the appreciation and fondness of audiences, we have narrow listed the 5 Top-Rated Pakistani Dramas in 2018 So Far, which definitely deserve to glue us exploring these interesting dramas, strong messages and beyond belief stories of our society.


Revolving around the central character of pigeon-hearted girl who stands against the negative energy and intimidating behavior of protagonist, ultimately to become center of attraction of that  rebellious brat, the drama serial ‘Khaani’ is proving itself a box-office success of Geo Entertainment. For those who adore the slow romance, this drama is peanut-butter for romantic souls.

Noor Ul Ain

Portraying epic combination of romance and family values, Noor Ul Ain drama is attracting audiences to take pop corn and watch something unusual on ARY Digital channel. The drama will revolve around the young generation, who make decisions in haste making life hell eventually. Sajal Ali and Imran Abbas is there to set new trend of romance on our TV screens in 2018.


In total the 28 episodes of this biographical drama of a controversial figure Qandeel Baloch seemed very typical in trailers and promotions. But sooner after its broadcasting on Urdu 1, the rational minds understood the mentality of its writer narrating ruthless dream of getting fame and falling in dark conspiracy of society.  A controversial biopic drama may not impress some thick-heads, but for those who understand the passion and dreams, must watch this rigmarole of honor killing. (Note: At Lux Style Awards 2018, Baaghi has stole the show putting behind Alif Allah Aur Insan,Muqabil,O Rungreza,Sang E Mar Mar)

Tau Dil Ka Kia Hua

Hum Tv has earned loads of respect and appreciation for producing blockbuster drama serials, and in its success as Tau Dil Ka Kia Hua has demonstrated adventure of current young mentality about love, marriage and breakups in present time. With stellar cast of Sami Khan, Zahid Ahmed and Ayeza Khan, the drama deserves a binge-watching in 2018 for a bit different than traditional tale of love.

Alif Allah Aur Insaan

Enjoying the courtesy of longest running show of 44 episodes on Hum Tv, Alif Allah Aur Insaan has ended in the second week of February 2018. The drama based on trust and relations, has been favorite for all ages of people from 2017-2018. This spiritual drama of Hum Tv has passed the message to seek patience for getting reward from your Lord, despite of breaking trust and love bonds with people for own benefit. After huge success of humsafar and shehr e zaat, Alif Allah Aur Insaan will be known for its soulful quotes and dialogues.

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