5 Top places to visit in Azad Jammu and Kashmir

Undoubtedly Kashmir is a heaven on earth with its spell-casting clear blue lakes, valleys covered with green refreshing forests and appealing snowfall during a winter season. Kashmir due to its beauty is well-known all over the world and is a place of attraction for many local or foreign tourists. However, whole Kashmir is worth watching but there are some of the special visiting points that you must sight.
Here goes the list of top places that you should visit in Kashmir.
Pir Chinasi
Pir chinasi is eye-catching hill station sited in “Muzaffarabad”. At a height of above 9500 feet from sea level, it is walled by trees of oak and spine and is really a charming and spectacular sight for its visitors. Many tourists visit pir chinasi and enjoy their vacations in amiable weather and refreshing sights.

Neelum valley
This beautiful bow shaped valley has a length of about 240 km and it is profoundly forested. This valley gives its visitors spell-casting views and amazing sites. Being 4000 meters above sea level, it’s surely a place to visit in Kashmir.

Leepa valley
Situated at a distance of about 28 miles away from “Muzaffarabad”, Leepa valley is a being appealing and fascinating is a place of attraction for tourists. It includes pine trees covered mountains that give very green and refreshing site. Many villages reside in leepa valley that makes it a worth visiting place in Kashmir.

Ramkot fort
This lovely fort is located on the top of the hill opposite to Mirpur city is about 135 km away from Islamabad. River Jhelum surrounds this fort from three flanks that make its sight eye-catching and spell-casting. There is also a small museum inside this fort that depicts historical art in a very effective way.


Kel valley
It is a small valley located about 19 kilometers away from Sharda and 90 kilometers away from Authmuqam at a height of about 6880 feet above sea level. There is an unexplored full of fascination and charm village that makes a border of Kel valley about 38 kilometers ahead of it. One must visit Kel valley if visit Kashmir.


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