Over $6 Million Robbery in Pakistan’s Bank Islami by a Group of Hackers

Pakistan’s Banking Field Faced A Vast Robbery of over $6 Million in Bank Islami!!!

Here is the most astonishing news that the security of a bank has been breach by a group of hackers. It is the one of the biggest cyber-attack in Pakistan’s history as over $6 Million has been robbed by Bank Islami. A group of hackers attacked on the data center of Bank Islami and also stolen the important and secret info of the customers. Bank Islami’s executive denied to this news but later on an alert for all banks was issued by the State Bank of Pakistan because a customer said that his card has been used by ATM in Russia. The customers also received a message from the bank that all services of Bank Islami have been temporarily shut down and they will be informed when the services will be resumed. Bank Islami don’t have the knowledge of this happening they came to know when their customers told them about this cyber-attack. The whole robbed money has been drawn from different locations in USA, Russia and other countries. The complete details of this vast $6 Million robbery are here, must read about the Pakistan’s greatest loss in banking field.

Great Loss of $6 Million from Bank Islami

A very sad and astonishing news is here as the greatest robbery has been done in Bank Islami. The Pakistani bank Bank Islami faces the loss of over $6 Million from this theft. A trained and experienced group of hackers have done this activity and also steel the secret and important info of the bank as well as thousands of their customers. This security breach has been done and a great loss is here for all the customers of this bank as their accounts are empty and all their savings have been gone.

It was firstly come to know on 27th October when the customers of Bank Islami got automatic messages as their payment cards are being used in different countries. But, the bank denied from this happening and from any data theft. This time, the Bank Islmai also denied to this new and they don’t give any official info about this security breach. But, thanks to the SBP as an alert for all banks was issued by the State Bank of Pakistan about this theft and to be conscious about their info and savings.

Bank Islami Account Holder

An account holder of Bank Islami has confirmed this security breach that he received a message which told him about his card usage at an ATM in Russia. When he contacted to the Bank Islmai they don’t believe on his words and started to blame himself as he himself shared his personal and secret account details with someone else. The higher authorities of Bank Islmai are giving very disappointing response about this cyber-attack of $6 Million. As thousands of customers are empty-handed and all their money has been gone.

The customers of Bank Islmai also received a message from bank that all services of Bank Islami have been temporarily shut down and they would be informed when services will be resumed.

About Cyber-Attack

A group of hackers has been hacked the security and sensitive info of the bank. May be the hackers have been used the dark web to sell the data of Bank Islami account holders for $60-70 per account. This vast amount of money has been withdrawn at different locations in USA, Russia and other countries.

It is such a great robbery in banking history of Pakistan and an awareness to improve the security checks of small banks. All the banks should improve their security systems so that, they can’t face this type of great devastation of hackers and scammers.

SBP Issued a Notice

The State Bank of Pakistan instructed the bank to take all essential measures to trace the vulnerability and fix it as soon as possible. All the other banks are also advised to immediately report to SBP in case of any unusual happening. SBP will take action on these developments in coordination with banks and would take further measures, if required.

Bank Islami Responds

After this great loss the Bank Islami is trying to detect all the abnormal transactions from different places of the world. They are doing their best and also working for the stolen amount of their customers to reverse them in a very short period of time. All the technical teams of Bank Islmai are working in close coordination to restore their services. So, we all are hoping for the best and also hope that it would be the last robbery in banking field of Pakistan’s history.

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