Dettol Bring Golden Ticket Campaign| Meet 3 Bahadur & Dettol Warriors

Meet Super Heroes of 3 Bahadur & Dettol Warriors via Golden Ticket Campaign…!!!

Pakistani Cinema Industry is making many new and innovative projects for all people. A new computer animated film named 3 Bahadur – Rise of the Warriors would be on air in the end of this year. Here is an exciting offer for all the fans of animated movies. A great news for all the computer animated movies fans is here, as there is a golden chance to meet the cast of the animated film 3 Bahadur – Rise of the Warriors. A Golden Ticket Campaign provides you a chance to win Golden Tickets so that you can meet to the super heroes of this film. The main purpose of this Golden Ticket Campaign is aware to our child the sense of cleanliness and to become a positive member of the society. Dettol introduced this Golden Ticket Campaign and all the child from across the country can meet their favorite heroes. Anyone can become the part of Golden Ticket Campaign by purchasing the Dettol Soap. It would be the best way to spread the awareness among all child about cleanliness and against the germs. The details of Golden Ticket Campaign are given below, you only need to buy more Dettol Soaps so that you win Golden Ticket and meet the energetic cast of 3 Bahadur – Rise of the Warriors.

Golden Ticket Campaign

3 Bahadur: (Golden Ticket Campaign)

Dettol introduced a new offer for all the fans of 3 Bahadur – Rise of the Warriors. Dettol collaborated with Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy (SOC) Films and Waadi Animations and now bring a great offer for all Pakistanis to meet the cast of 1st computer animated feature-length film 3 Bahadur – Rise of the Warriors.
3 Bahadur is Pakistan’s first computer animated feature-length film, in collaboration with Waadi Animations and ARY Films with Dettol being the lead sponsor. Dettol announced Golden Ticket Campaign by which the participants can win Golden Tickets to meet the 6 super heroes, 3 Bahadur and the Dettol Warriors.

Purpose of Golden Ticket Campaign

Golden Ticket Campaign

The main purpose behind this campaign is to inspire the children and to deliver a positive message of cleanliness against germs. Through this Golden Ticket Campaign the children would learn how their super heroes live and fight against the germs. People do what their best actors done, so they will do the same as their super heroes will. This campaign would also bring a positive change among children, so that they live a clean, safe and healthy life.

About Dettol Warriors

Dettol Warriors is the most watched segment of the children, they all are more inspired by their favorite super heroes since 2012. This soap brand visits millions of schools in Pakistan every year to inspire and aware them. The whole team told them about the personal awareness, hygiene and protection against the germs. By this Golden Ticket Campaign children can identify their super powers and get a chance to learn from their super heroes. It is the best way to give power and determination to shape a better tomorrow for Pakistan.

Golden Ticket Campaign

You only need to purchase Dettol Soap for participating in this campaign. Buy more Dettol Soaps and become the part of this exciting campaign.

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