7 Incredibly Amazing Facts about a Human Eye – Must See

Do you know that our body parts have exceptionally interesting facts? Moreover, these facts are what nature has gifted us so that each body part works in an organized way flawlessly.  Thus, they result as perfection. However, in this post, we are going to target one of our body parts and we will enlighten you about its amazing facts. Let us talk the amazing facts about the human eye.

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10 Most Amazing Facts about Human Eye

Human has some extremely amazing facts the most prominent amongst those are:

1. Eye blinking

Amazing Facts

Do you know that you blink your eye 17 times per minute? In this way, it goes like 14,280 times a day.

2. Tear Composition

Amazing Facts

One the most amazing facts about your eyes are the tear compositions that are based on whether you’re crying, smiling, yawning or something’s irritating your eye.

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3. Retina & image perceiving

Amazing Facts

Do you know that your retina actually perceives upside down image?  Therefore, your brain is the one that interprets and flips the image so that you can see the real view. Moreover, if you want to see how the actual image is perceived by retina you should use the prism glasses.

4. Split in Half and Distorted Images

Amazing Facts

Furthermore, the image that arrives at your retina is split in half and distorted image. Apparently, here again, each part of the brain do its work and scrambles the split image together in a whole one image.

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5. Red Color Detection

Amazing Facts

One of the most amazing facts about our retinas is that they cannot detect red color. Although there are red, green and blue color receptors in our retinas, the green receptor detects bluegreen whereas, the red receptor only detects yellowgreen. Here again, our brain combines these signals and turns them into a red.

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6. Peripheral Vision

Amazing Facts

Your peripheral vision is almost black and white and is of very low resolution. This is usually realized because your eyes move to fill in the peripheral detail.

7. Eye Ball Size

Amazing Facts

Do you know that if you have short sightedness the size of your eyeball is longer than normal and vice versa?

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