5 Best Beauty Salons in Islamabad

Nourishing, maintaining health and enhancing beauty are some entities in which women are experts. And for these salons is one of the place where women found themselves comfortable.

I have listed some best salons from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan and amongst most attractive places on earth.

  1. Alle’nora Annie’s Signature Salons and Studios:

This is one of the top beauty salons of Islamabad which is famous for its work not in Pakistan but also in the entire world. Their staff is much well-mannered and educated. This salon provides amazing Bridal makeup, Party Make Up, Bridal Photoshoot.

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  1. Natasha’s Salon & Day Spa:

This modern salon is located in Islamabad which can provide you a very warm and friendly atmosphere. Its services are more unique like Hair, Spa, Face and Skin Treatments. They work 7 days a week.  Here you can checks in for your glorious looks.

  1. The Grooming Lounge:

This saloon is located in G-6/4, Islamabad. This salon provides the best of their services for hair, beauty, skin and spa services for both women and men. They provide the best services they can.

  1. Nirvana Spa:

This decent and beautiful spa features restaurant, bakery as well as gift shop serves both men and women. It provide different services, different kind of massages at high rates. Gives the best work and services.

  1. Sabiha’s Beauty Salon:

Sabiha’s salon is also a famous parlor of Islamabad in Umer Centre. It gives a lot many of beauty treatment, best services, manicuring, hair extension and many other beauty treatments in a very friendly and calm environment.

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