Is Amir Liaquat Going to Leave PTI? How Amir is bashing the Leadership?


The Most Controversial Man, Amir Liaquat is Going to Leave PTI? Check His statements About Party Leadership

Amir Liaquat is indeed the most controversial personality having so many clashes and blunders. He was criticized badly over the social media due to his childish and cleverish activities. Recently, he has been selected as a member of the national assembly under the PTI. But it is looking like that he has some clashes with the leadership of the party and the decisions made by them.Amir Liaquat, Is Amir Liaquat Going to Leave PTI? How Amir is bashing the Leadership?

Now, he has left the WhatsApp group of the PTI to show his anger. Before leaving the WhatsApp group he sent the voice message in the group whose content is not revealed. Once before, he has also shared his anger on social media towards the PTI leadership. While his interview he said;

Imran Ismail announced a meeting for all the MNAs of Pakistan in the governor house and I was not invited there. On asking the governor said that, he doesn’t have my number.

He also said that he is considered an outsider and not as a party member. Moreover, he said that he is not going to accept any ministry if offered to them.

However, he said that;

I will share my personal decision about the party on 4th September. He added that I will either sit on the party side or on the opposition party. This decision will be announced soon.

What Amir Liaquat Said About Imran Khan:

Imran Khan is the person who gives Amir Liaquat a chance to enter in the politics but Amir also criticized him. According to him, Imran Khan never listens to him and always take wrong decisions. He said that;

I have tried to convince Imran Khan towards the better party structure in the Karachi but he never listened to me. Furthermore, there is no advantage of the PMs money saving campaign.

Additionally, he has also criticized the party over the selection of the president and the governor. It seems like that Amir Liaquat wants some more than this national assembly seat that’s why he is bashing the party over social media.

Whatever he is trying to prove, one thing is clear that Amir Liaquat always has too many complains as a host as well as a leader. Before that, he has too many clashes with the MQM and he left the party and joined PTI. During his hosting, he has clashed with Geo TV, ARY, Bol News and many more. Probably it is the mistake of Imran Khan to add Amir Liaquat in his party.

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