Apple Introduced to Launch Touchless Screens in Upcoming iPhone


Apple going to unveil revolutionary touchless technology in upcoming technologies

Apple is a renowned electronic company operating from many years in different regions of the world. With the extremely high price, they are still the market competitor due to their services. The provide cut edge technologies and introduces new technology every year with the launch of every new model. Almost 95% mobile users in the USA use iPhone as their first priority. These phones provide high security, new technologies, and unique appearance. iPhone is going to launch a touchless screen smartphone.

As Apple is always an innovator, they have decided to launch a touchless smartphone screen in their upcoming iPhones. This indeed a great invention of this year. You can use your iPhone even without touching it. You can control all the activities of the mobile phone just by waving. You just need to hover over the screen and your phone will work normally as you used by touching it. You don’t need to swap and touch the mobile, you just have to hover over it and that’s it. Resources said that the technology is in the early stages and it will be available after the time period of 2 to 3 years.  They also said that this amazing technology will break all the record of the smartphones in the market.

iphone smart touchless

Recently, iPhone X has been released which includes the many new features other smartphones don’t have. It was expected that; iPhone X will break all the record of the smartphone in the market. But unfortunately, they did not even grasp a big market this time. They have introduced Facial recognition system for better security. Instead of this feature they are unable to get a top rating and being criticized by the customer which is an alarming situation for the Apple. After that, they decided to introduce new revolutionary technology that never introduced before.

Another news has arrived in the social media that Apple is also going to launch foldable screen soon in their smartphone and iPad. Although this invention is under process and it will be launched after years. It is never decided on which it will be launched in the market but there is a strong hope that Apple will take revolutionary changes in the upcoming year’s technology.

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