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Best Pakistani Drama Serial – Well Written and Message Driven Scripts

Pakistani Drama industry not only makes drama for the entertainment of the viewers but also focused on delivering some message that has an impact on the society. Some Pakistani Dramas try to spread a strong positive message for the well brings of the society. Drama Serial written by many renowned writers such as Umaira Ahmed, Farhat Ishtiaq and many directors such as Sarmad Khoosat is continuously making are well plot constructed and deliver a strong message.Here is the list of the dramas who are doing the dual job, entertainment and welfare of the society.

1. Akhri Station

Kashaf foundation’s famous mini-drama serial Akhri station discuss the major social issues that women have to face. This Pakistani drama was directed by sarmaad khoosat who have a smooth chain of famous drama serials. The drama consists of 8 episodes which elaborate each and every violence the women have to face in this cruel society. The main cast includes Sanam Saeed (Lead role), Mikael Zulafqar and many other new faces. This mini-drama is considered blockbuster of this year.

AKhri station Pakistani drama2. Baghi

Baghi Drama have to face many criticize and appreciation too because it was made on the life of Pakistani actress and model Qandeel Baloch (Late) who was brutally murdered by her brother. The story of the drama revolves around a girl, who was killed in the name of honor. This drama tries to tell people that there is a deep story behind every victim. Not every emerging model do wrong things for the sake of fame. Some have serious background and family problems which force girls to do that thing. The lead role was played by Saba Qamar, Usama Khalid Butt, sarmad khoosat and many others.

Baghi Pakistani drama3. Daldal

Daladal is a great and unique Pakistani drama serial aired on HUM TV. This drama serials convey many social and family issues. Especially, this drama is made for the boys who just want to go abroad at any cost and wants to earn dollars to be a millionaire in days. But the reality is totally different from the assumptions. Zahid Ahmed Khan and Armeena Ranna Khan played a lead role and done a fabulous job. This drama gives the message to our youngsters that if they want to earn money and wants to b the millionaire, they can do it by staying in their own country rather than abroad (Europe).

daldal Pakistani drama

4. Khuda Mera Bhi Hai

First ever drama made for transgender is Khuda Mera Bhi Hai. The story revolves around the girls (Ayesha Khan) who fight for his child who is not gendered specific. She wants to study him in the school, but his husband disowned the child. She fights for her child until he grew up and becomes a successful businessman. The acting, cast and crew, dialogues and obviously story make this drama worth watching.

khuda mera bhi hai Pakistani drama

There are many other drama serials who are focused on spreading strong message such as “Daar si Jati hai Sila”, “Esi hai tanhai”, “Udaari”, “Chup Raho”, “Ilteja” and many others. Hope the chain of well written and message is driven continues a long time.

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