BankIslami Recover its Online Banking Services after a Great Cyber Attack

Security Breach Recovery by the BankIslami in Pakistan!!!

Security is one of the most important thing in any organization and in banks it is considered very sensitive point. One month ago the BankIslami faced a great cyber-attack in their bank. The BankIslami faced a data security breach and faced the loss of millions of amount of their customers. But now, BankIslami restores its payment system and all online banking services for its customers in Pakistan. All services including ATMs, Internet Banking and Mobile App can be accessed and operated accurately now. Almost the amount of Rs.2.6 million was hacked by the group of hacker in the month of October. But now, BankIslami restore this problem and now all the baking services are functional. The details are given below must read and now you can start all your banking transactions without any problem.

Cyber-Attack in BankIslami

A great theft of Rs.2.6 million was occurred in the history of Pakistan’s banking field in the last month of this year. The theft was done by a group of hackers in BankIslami and they hack all the banking services of the customers also. It came to know when customers received messages of using their ATMs in other countries. It was a great loss in the history of Pakistan that loss millions of rupees of the customers.


Severity of this Cyber-Attack:

It was a very severe attack in the Banking history of Pakistan because it was the first breach of security in the country. On this incident, the State Bank of Pakistan also send the directives to all the banks of countries to strengthen their banking services. So, all the other banks were also become conscious and they monitor the real-time usage of their cards and all the ATM transactions.

Recovery of Banking Services

After this great tragedy BankIslami has restored its payment system via electronic banking services for the customers in whole country. BankIslami also announced an official announcement as now the customers can accessed all the services including:

  • Other banks’ ATMs
  • Internet banking
  • Mobile App

They can accessed other banks’ ATMs for Cash Withdrawal and BankIslami’s nationwide ATM network for Funds Transfer (including IBFT). The customers can also pay their Utility and other Bill payments. Only the POS (Point of Sale) is remaining and it would be restore very soon.

BankIslami upgrade their system’s security at very high level and put their efforts to strengthen the customers’ safety and security. It was really a great cyber-attack by the hackers therefore, one month has been serve on this issue.

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