Huawei would Launch an Infinity-O Display Smartphone before Samsung

Who will Launch Infinity-O Display Smartphone…Huawei or Samsung!!!

Competition is everywhere in the universe even from small to big matter of a human being. This competition is also among the smartphone companies. The two mobile phone companies as Huawei and Samsung always introduced something new and stylish. Now might be Samsung working on Infinity-O Smartphone but Huawei said that it would introduced a Huawei Infinity-O Smartphone before Samsung. It is all due to the major competitive smartphone industry. Samsung decided to launch a smartphone with Infinity-O and the other hand Huawei decided to launch its Infinity-O display in December 2018. The company’s Mate 20 series is the most direct competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy Note9 so, Huawei also decided to bring a smartphone with Infinity-O display in next month. The unveiled details of Infinity-O Display smartphone by the Huawei Company are given below.

Mega Competition b/w Samsung & Huawei 

The Huawei mobile phone company announced that it would launch an Infinity-O Display Smartphone before the Samsung launch. This smartphone would be launch in December 2018 according to the Huawei’s Weibo account. This confirmation has come in the form of a teaser image, posted to one of Huawei’s Weibo account. It shows the outline of a smartphone with a hole in the upper left corner of the screen. The image also shows the month i.e. December.

Infinity-O Display

Samsung also working on a phone which has a hole on the screen of the smartphone that would be come soon. But the thing is that whether Samsung launch its smartphone before or the Huawei launches it. It’s really a great competition between both famous brands that serve their services in the whole world.

The Samsung’s next smartphone Samsung Galaxy A8s has an Infinity-O Display and the Huawei new smartphone would also come with the same display. Both companies would launch their devices in the next month but the thing is that who would start this competition first.

The race is now officially on for who can deliver the world’s first phone with an in-screen camera cutout to global customers. We can only wait for the officially launch of these smartphones by the companies. Only these details has been disclosed by the both companies we are waiting for more updates about this launch.

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