Top 10 Beautiful Valleys of Pakistan| Real Natural Beauty of Pakistan

Its All About The Top Beautiful Valleys of Pakistan- Natural Scenery

Allah blesses Pakistan with a lot of beauty and natural scenery. Pakistan is very rich with natural scenery as thundering waterfalls, glorious mountains, natural greenery and Beautiful Valleys. Pakistan has world most excellent spots for visitors of its own country and from other countries also. You can find this beauty of Pakistan scattered in northern areas. Due to the calmness and peace in these Beautiful Valleys these are called the secret heavens. The Paradise on Earth ‘Neelum Valley’ Mini Switzerland ‘Swat Valley’ and Mountain Kingdom ‘Hunza valley’. Here are the top most beautiful and viewed valleys of Pakistan with details.

Beautiful Valleys

Top Beautiful Valleys

If you are a nature enthusiast then Pakistan is one of the top destinations in the world to explore. It is known as the Land of Peaks so you should must visit the below mentioned Beautiful Valleys whenever you come to Pakistan.

1. Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley is situated in Azad Kashmir region at the North & North-East of Muzaffarabad having a 144 km long bow shaped. Due to the lush green beauty Neelum Valley is one of the most Beautiful Valleys and attractive places in Pakistan. There are beautiful greenery, Neelum River, streams, lakes and hills in this valley that increase its beauty. The lush green forests of the area create a great magical spell for the visitors. The weather of Neelum Valley is awesome in summer and winter seasons. So you should must visit this valley for your life time memories.

2. Hunza Valley

The Hunza Valley is situated in Gilgit–Baltistan region with full of mountainous. The Valley has three Regions as Upper Hunza (Gojal), Center Hunza and Lower Hunza. The tourists from Pakistan and other foreign countries come here for climbing on top mountain peaks of the world.

3. Swat Valley

Swat valley is located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province Pakistan which rises in the Hindu Kush range. Swat Valley is also known as Mini Switzerland of Pakistan with full of attractive places for tourists. The tourists make fun to do hiking and trekking in this delightful sceneries area. It also famous for the production of apples and peaches all over the country.

4. Kalash Valley

Kalash Valley is one of the most Beautiful Valleys and tourist attractions in situated in Chitral district of Pakistan. It has some finest sceneries, awesome forests and amazing Kalash river. The people who belong to this civilization are called ‘The Kelash’. They have old tribes and their own religion, culture, language and traditions. People live in small villages built on hill sides having unique and amazing culture. These villages are at the banks of the streams and rivers. They celebrate many festivals with their families. All these factors increase the beauty of Kalash Valley for foreign tourists.

5. Kaghan Valley

The Kaghan Valley is also one of the most Beautiful Valleys in the north-east of Mansehra District. Kaghan Valley is most famous due to its real beauty that is spread in lower Himalayan mountains range. This valley not only attracts the Pakistani tourists but also worldwide tourists. The most famous lake of Pakistan Faif-ul-Malook Lake is also situated near the Kaghan Valley.

6. Jehlum Valley

This valley is situated in Azad Kashmir region and a most viewing point not for only Pakistani tourists but also for international tourists. The river Jhelum passes from East to West between the high green mountains of this valley. The lush greenery increased the beauty of this valley in Azad Kashmir. Its green rice fields in summer and wooden Kashmiri houses present a wonderful view for the people who visit the area. The soil of this valley is rich for cultivation of eatable things.

7. Leepa Valley

Leepa valley is also situated in Azad Jammu Kashmir and Jehlum Valley region. Leepa valley has high mountains and full of with Pine trees. Like Jehlum Valley its soil also rich for cultivation like apple, walnut, honey and cherry. These things are very popular and in great demand.

8. Hushe valley

Hushe Valley is the valley which is rich with most amazing and lovely mountains.  Due to the wide range of these mountains it make the place as “Paradise of Mountains”. The visitors can do trekking and make fun with their friends, family and their loved ones. People from Pakistan and other countries come to see the high mountains and make memorable vacation spot.

9. Naltar valley

Naltar Valley is also one of the most Beautiful Valleys of Pakistan situated in Gilgit Pakistan. This valley is famous due to its colorful and mesmerizing lakes. This valley is famous for the cultivation of potatoes. It is fully covered with pine trees that give it a new and charming look. If you are really a nature lover then you should must visit this beautiful valley for keeping it in your golden memories.

10. Gojal Valley

The Gojal Valley located in borders of China and Afghanistan and meets the Chinese border at Khunjerab. The Gojal Valley is 15397 feet above from the sea level. This beautiful valley remains covered with snow all year long. The beautiful region of Karakoram Highway which connects Pakistan to China also passes through Gojal Valley. This valley is full of with beautiful natural scenes and lush greenery that make it more charming and delightful.

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