Beginner’s Guide: How to Earn Money from YouTube Pakistan


You may read a lot of guides about how to earn money from YouTube. You know well first you need to use USA Google Adsense and different countries IP’s to access YouTube in Pakistan but now some days before YouTube was officially launched in Pakistan. So now today i am writing this content about “How to earn money from YouTube in Pakistan.” Earning money from YouTube is so easy just you need to make a complete plan about what you are going to start on YouTube.

Requirements for working on YouTube:

  • You have a knowledge about how to use computer
  • You have a knowledge about how to edit videos
  • You have a knowledge about some keyword research

If you have these three things then you can earn much from YouTube.

How to create a first channel on YouTube:

Creating Channel on YouTube is so easy you just need one Gmail Account and then open YouTube. com after this you will found the sign in option in the right corner. Just click on it and that’s you done you have created your YouTube account now just check in the left side there have a option of “My channel” click on it then wait for loading the page. When it’s done then just click on the “Videos Manager” then you will see this type of window in right Side.Earn

Click on the Channel Button as you see in Picture after that you will see the popup window to create your first channel just write the name of  your channel on it and click on the create button and that’s it you have created your first channel and now just verify your phone number and then click on “Enable Monetization” then wait for loading the page and then click on agree and that’s it you have enabled Monetization now you have to wait 3-4 hours till you don’t receive the email from Google Adsense .

When you received the email from Google Adsense you have to upload videos on YouTube. After it, you have to monetize them and you can earn from YouTube by uploading videos.

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