Use of Vulgar content to Make Money with YouTube


Making money online is not a new phenomenon. You must have heard success stories of digital entrepreneurs who started with very less but eventually, with hard work earned millions of dollars.

In Pakistan, the idea of earning online isn’t understood well and most of the people try to find easy ways to make big bucks in short span of time, hence look for shortcuts. People come up with several short-term schemes with promises to make gullible, rich. But everybody needs to understand that there is no shortcut in life, be it your online business or conventional.

One way of earning online is through YouTube videos. Advertisement show on your videos and in return you get paid a commission. (If you want to learn how you can earn from YouTube, read our guide here). The issue is, people are trying to earn without adding or providing valuable information to the viewers. Clikbait titles are used to send traffic to the video which is, most of the time completely irrelevant to the title.MoneyAnother trick is used, that is to display the thumbnail with vulgar images and text to get more video views. The practice is completely wrong and viewers should report the video to YouTube if they think that the content is inappropriate or irrelevant.

There are better ways to earn money online without degrading yourself. It takes time and if you aren’t ready to spend time, work hard, or simply doesn’t have the patience, do something else. At the end of the day, what matters is that the money you’re earning is Halal or HaramMay Allah keep us all away from Haram money. (Aameen)

Jazak Allah

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