Top 8 Banks of Pakistan in 2018 | Best for Current, Savings Accounts

Commercial banks provide a wide array of services for consumers including deposit/saving/investment accounts, credit facilities, credit/debit card services and other miscellaneous services.
Here are the top 8 banks of Pakistan in 2018.

Bank Alfalah

Bank Alfalah is one of the fastest growing commercial banks in Pakistan and has also remained the best performing bank over the past couple of years. Bank Alfalah was rewarded with the “Best Bank Award” in 2017 for its significant contribution to national development and effective allocation and management of resources.
With over 600 branches throughout the country and decent customer support, Bank Alfalah is a reliable option for consumers and one of the best banks of Pakistan in 2018.

United Bank Limited

UBL is one of the oldest and largest commercial banking networks in Pakistan. It was founded in 1959 and currently operates over 1385 branches throughout the country. UBL was declared as the best bank back in 2016 and received an award for the Best bank for corporate finance and Capital Market Development in 2017. This makes UBL one of the top 8 banks of Pakistan in 2018.

Habib Bank Limited

HBL remains the largest commercial banking network in Pakistan with around 40% share in the banking sector of Pakistan. It currently has over 1500 branches and 1400 ATMs, making it highly convenient for consumers. HBL serves around 5 million customers and was declared as the best bank for small business and agriculture, diversification and quality of SME and agriculture lending in 2017.
HBL has also continued to retain a large customer base, making it one of the best banks of Pakistan in 2018.

Meezan Bank

Meezan bank is amongst the leading Islamic banks in Pakistan. With around 550 branches throughout the country, it is also amongst the fastest growing banks in Pakistan.
Meezan Bank was declared as the Best Islamic Bank in 2017 and has remained a well-reputed and reliable Islamic banking institution.


MCB, also one of the top 8 banks of Pakistan in 2018, is one of the fastest growing commercial banking networks and has been catching up with other banks quite effectively. MCB currently operates over 1400 nationwide branches and has become Pakistan’s second biggest commercial bank, behind HBL.

Allied Bank Limited

Allied Bank was founded in 1942 and has grown to become one of Pakistan’s largest commercial banks. It has over 1250 branches and provides services for far-flung, often ignored, areas of the country. It aso received the award for the most effective CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) in 2017.


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