Salman Khan will be treated as Normal Prisoner | Sentenced 5 years to Jail


Salman khan Sent to jail and will be treated as other criminals

Bollywood Dabang Khan, Salman Khan is sentenced to jail for 5 years. The Police said that he will be treated as normal prisoners. He will have to sleep on the floor and have to eat the same food that other Prisoners eat. He will be locked in a cell where no other prisoner can stay.

Salman Khan is ruling the world for many years after gaining more and more profit in his movies. He is one of the Khans in Bollywood, who is still the king of the Indian film industry. He is not only an actor, he is also a singer, producer, and television host. 52 years old Bollywood king, started his career in 1989, from the romantic film, Me nay pyar Kiun Kia, which was a blockbuster. His debtor blockbusters movies are debung, Ready, Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger, Kick, bajhrangi Bhaijan, Sultan, ek tha tiger, Prem Rattan Dhan payo and many more. The gross profit of his blockbuster is almost US $15 Million which is very reasonable and more and more directors are willing to cast him in their upcoming movies.

Slaman Khan

Unfortunately, he is sentenced to the jail for 5 years because he broke the role according to Hindu religion. He haunted the black dares 12 years ago and he was arrested that time. After that, He released on the bale and started his career again. There were hundreds of the hearing of this case and finally the last hearing was on 5th April. The court declared the decision of the ever long case and announced penalty for Salman Khan. He sent to the jail for 5 years along with 50,000 fine.

Salman Khan will be treated as other prisoners:

The Police said that he will be kept in the jail where no other prisoner can live. There were two jails centers where one is reserved for Salman Khan and other for a Hindu leader who was sent to the jail in 2013. Moreover, they said that he will be served with the same meal as others. He has to eat the same “Daal” and “Roti” as other prisoners eat. He has to sleep on the floor and have to follow all the rules as other follows. The lawyer of Salman Khan still trying to escape him. There is a hope that he will be rescued soon as many of his fans are wishing for this. They become sad because he has a strong fan following. Let’s see what happen next.

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