Best Fans in Pakistan

There are a lot of things that must be considered before purchasing a fan for your house. These include the fan size, blade size, design, diameter covered and electricity consumption. Installing a small fan in a large room wouldn’t be a great idea hence the size of the fan must be in proportion with the size of the room. Similarly, all of the above mentioned factors also contribute to the effectiveness of a fan.

Here are the best fans in Pakistan that you can purchase.

Pak Fan

Pak Fans is a renowned fan manufacturing company is Pakistan. This company has been operating in Pakistan for quite long now and has gained consumers’ trust.
This company uses 100% pure copper wire to manufacture their appliances, which results in low energy consumption, efficient operation and high durability.
You can find a wide range of products including ceiling, pedestal, louvre, exhaust, table and bracket fans.
Pak Fans’ products are extremely reliable and long lasting as well.


GFC Fans is another leading company in the Pakistani market. Not only is it amongst the largest fan producers in Pakistan, but an extremely reliable one as well. GFC Fans produces pure electrical steel sheet and 99.99% copper wire to manufacture their products, which makes them highly efficient, effective and long-lasting.  GFC fans has got extensive range of deigns and models to suit everyone’s requirements. They’ve also got a strict quality control process, a highly dedicated customer support team and are available nationwide.

Royal Fan

Royal fans is a well-known and highly trusted fan manufacturing company, operating in Pakistan since 1957. This company is known for their reliable, durable, stylish and energy-saving products. The products produced by Royal fans are ideal for the local market. Not only are their products durable and energy-efficient, but are also aerodynamic in design, ensuring better performance.

Starco Fan

Another reliable fan manufacturing company operating in Pakistan is Starco. Starco offers ceiling, pedestal, exhaust and wall bracket fans, with high standards of quality and performance.
Apart from extremely reliable products, Starco also provides a healthy after sales service, offering maximum convenience to the consumers.

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