7 Best fitness apps for iPhone And Android Users (2017)

Are you fat or looking for a Fitness Trainer at GYM? Then no more worries about how to stay healthy and fit. You don’t have to work harder just download these apps on your Android phone or iPhone and get amazing tips of fitness at your place.

Nike+ Training Club

This app has a library of 30 – 40-minutes workouts that are based on your goals and fitness level. This app explains how to execute each exercise with videos and also let you share your endeavors on social media.


This app is best that construct hovers, inspires, mocks and bribes you to get you moving. It features a “7 minutes in hell” that requires doing 30 seconds of 12 exhausting exercises and will berate you if you don’t.


This app is an all in one activity tracker that monitors you and offer challenges to overcome and build your workout plan. You can also barcode your food to know about your calories.

Lose it

This app is nothing than just awesome. In it, all you need is to just plug in your current weight, age, height and the weight you want to lose. This app will construct a recommended net calorie intake based on how many calories you should consume and how many you should burn.


While looking for a personal trainer, this app will not only automatically shows you all nearby trainers with the help of map but also about their experience, work, and training styles, rates etc. On the other hand, trainers can also make their plans for their clients and send them. They can also access to calendar and reminders for training sessions and appointments.


lifesum is another popular weight loss app that can give an accurate assessment for your daily routine. There also is a built-in bar code scanner that can pull up nutritional data on millions of items.

Fitness Builder

This app can stand out as a mentor. It utilizes the time of GYM. It contains extensive training videos which you can use as a guide for your fitness training.

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